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The Festival of Lights

There’s an old joke about a fellow who was so addicted to golf that he snuck out of shul on Yom Kippur to play. At the course, he had the most amazing game of his life, culminating with a very difficult hole. 773 more words


Derech Hashem 1:4:10

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At bottom, though, our spiritual standing ultimately depends on G-d either “shining His countenance” upon us or “withholding” it from us [1]. 511 more words


Are we required to keep the Law?

A Biblical truth that is not taught in today’s church is that we as believers in the propitiation of Christ are made one with Israel ( 359 more words

Test All Things

Developing Faith for the Supernatural

We’ve all heard that faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of God. So why is it that many believers can go to church and hear the Word yet not develop faith? 603 more words


Today is the Sabbath and Day 5 of Chanukah, The following teaching was done today by Rabbi Ralf Messer of STBM. on Torah.tv

Men want to know what they are supposed to be doing and women want them to know too.

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Confronting the December Dilemma I have always felt that Hanukah never had a chance.  Christmas is an “Imagine” holiday where we are invited to aspire to a world of Peace-on-Earth and Goodwill-to-Man.  2,946 more words


In God’s Time

Saturday – The Torah reading
Genesis 41:53—43:15

All the years of Joseph’s trusting in the Lord come to fruition at this moment of meeting his brothers. 134 more words