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Parashah D'Varim

We are approaching the end of the Torah scroll. D’Varim (words) is the Hebrew name for the book of Deuteronomy. In the Torah (which doesn’t mean “law” but is translated as “teachings”) each new book is named from the first words of that book. 722 more words


Getting the land, keeping the land: the teachings of Moshe and Yishayahu

This week we read the words of two prophets- Moshe and Yishayahu. Moshe speaks to the People of Israel as they are standing at the precipice, about to enter the Land of Israel and a new stage of history. 2,692 more words

Torah Musings

Torah & Tea - Suffern, New York


The ladies who joined Devorah Gancz had a wonderful time at their Torah & Tea gathering.

Too long have we lingered at the mountain

When you’re at a fireworks show, and it ends, do you immediately leave? No, you stare at the sky for a few more moments, watching the trailing ends of the pieces of the explosions dissipate and fall. 974 more words


Sedra Devarim, 120 Words - It's Easy Giving Blessings

It’s easy to give a blessings, unless you are Moses.

That’s because Moshe Rabbenu knew what a blessing is and its true value.

A mother found her daughter’s lost contact lens in 2 minutes whilst the daughter could not find it after an hour’s searching. 350 more words


Israel: Our Blood, Our Right, Our Inheritance

Written by Chani Turk (’92) in the wake of rockets pounding on Israel.

I have never really been in a war before. Not a real one, not like this. 1,955 more words


Daf Yomi Digest

Megilla 20   Megilla 21   Megilla 22

Daf Yomi Digest is compiled by members of the Ruben Shas Kollel, edited by Rabbi Ben-Zion Rand. Halachah Highlights is not intended to be relied upon for halacha l’maase. 15 more words