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Tana Toraja: Village Trekking around Batutumonga

The itinerary for our second day in the highlands of Tana Toraja consisted of a half-day village hike around Batutumonga, an area located on the slopes of Gunung Sesean (Mount Sesean). 355 more words


Epilogue: The Clash of Life-Worlds?

Written by Pak Yeoh
Photo by Youvadee Pareatumbee

Unlike The Hunger Games, the ethos of the “In Search Of” study series is not about student-travellers eliminating their perceived competitors in order to survive. 654 more words


Sudah Tiba Saatnya Untuk Menutup Toko (The Time Has Come To Close The Shop)

Written by Emily Choong
Photos by Emily Choong

The minute flight AK333 landed in KLIA2, I had less than 24 hours to get as much sleep as I could, pack once again, and visit the doctor. 838 more words


Eating in Makassar and Toraja: 10 Favourite Moments

Written by Emily Choong
Photos by Emily Choong and Lam Hor Kay

Initially, I was meant to do 2 things: eat and share about the street food I’ve been having over the trip. 1,113 more words


The Baby Graves of Kambira

Written by Jasmine Rajah, Jonathan Lim & Lisa Marie Fernandes
Photos by Lam Hor Kay & Jonathan Lim

The grave tour in the three main gravesites (Lemo, Kambira and Ke’te Kesu) in Toraja gave us a glimpse of how funerals are carried out according to the Torajan traditions. 1,016 more words


Daily Diary - Day 12

Written by: Mariyam Falak Ahmed
Photos by: Mariyam Falak Ahmed and Youvadee Pareatumbee

“Cock-a-doodle-doo” the rooster crowed, waking me up to the start of a new day. 561 more words