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The Way of Things

The Way of Things, a series by Shrak.
A Doctor Who (Tenth Doctor)/Blackpool crossover.
Appears on A Teaspoon and an Open Mind, a Doctor Who Fan Fiction Archive. 556 more words


Review of Apex Magazine, issue 58 March 2014

this blog post is part of Apex Magazine’s Operation Fourth Story. If Apex picks up enough new subscribers this month, they’ll be able to include a fourth original story in future issues, and how awesome would that be! 1,818 more words

Science Fiction

I is for Ianto Jones

Ianto Jones is a great character from Torchwood, partly because he character grows. He starts out as someone trying to stay below the radar with plenty of secrets. 443 more words

Character Studies

The Winning Speech

The speech the winners would be greeted with at the end of the game was one of the most difficult piece to write. I wanted to convey a number of emotions and tones across from the scientists. 419 more words

Research And Ideas

Writing the Government Texts

To add drama to our story, I wanted to include the conflict between The Chamaeleon Institute and the government. Instead of lumping it into one big speech or written piece, I decided to progressively release texts from the government as the player progresses through the game. 376 more words

Research And Ideas

A Name is Never Just a Name

My process for these blog posts is to write something and then my brilliant husband will edit it. And if I have not done it yet at this point, I want to publically thank him for making me sound intelligent. 282 more words


Day 88

“The demons kept begging Jesus not to send them into the bottomless pit.” (Luke 8:31 NLT)

So there is something so terrible even the demons are scared of! 187 more words