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UKIP Insider: "Dead Cert" for a Carswell Win

UKIP’s resident academic Matthew Goodwin tells Guido that Clacton is a “dead cert” for the party and that he had briefed Douglas Carswell about this before he made his decision to quit. 70 more words


At last a stand on principle

Douglas Carswell has resigned from the Tories and is to stand for UKIP in a rare moment of a politician acting in the interests other than their own. 50 more words


+ + + Douglas Carswell Defects to UKIP + + +

He cites Tory dependency on pollsters, lack of real change on offer in Europe and blocking of parliamentary reform. He will resign his seat and trigger a by-election, the honourable thing to do.  70 more words


Politics, Schmolitics

It may – or more likely, may not – have escaped your notice, but up here in Scotland we’re in the midst of a referendum campaign. 740 more words

In it to win it

My selection as Labour’s General Election candidate in Southend West has inspired the Liberal Democrat’s sole surviving blogger in the borough to write not one, but two, pieces about it. 466 more words


Return of the BritNats

A couple of weeks ago I was violently abused by a British Nationalist after one of their public meetings, for the perfectly fair reason that my phone was too bright for the attacker to be able to hear the speakers. 2,454 more words


Conservatives tout traditional family values in message to party members

OTTAWA – The federal Conservatives are telling core supporters that “traditional family values” are a party stance, a phrase that so far has not entered the prime minister’s public speeches or official Tory documents. 668 more words