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“Stillness. Absolute, perfect, crystalline stillness. The long grass in the front yard stands perfectly upright. The windmill, which usually drones on incessantly day after day, is quiet. 517 more words

Seizing The Day To Live!

Seizing The Day To Live!

Riding my motorcycle is relaxing for me. While in Tuscaloosa I continued on the theme of slowing down and relaxing a bit for in a few days I would be heading through that traffic pattern known as “Atlanta.” 473 more words

Why an Oklahoma storm tracker is driving a Trinidad truck

On April 15, 2012, storm chaser Marty Logan tracked a tornado that was heading towards his hometown of Woodward, Oklahoma. The twister reached almost a quarter-mile wide and struck in the middle of the night, wiping out the city’s power and consequently its tornado sirens. 437 more words

Trinidad Drilling

When You See a Tornado

With Easter just ahead of us, I have been asking myself why I don’t think much about storm shelters. A very natural question you must agree. 441 more words


A Tribute to My Dear Friends

2013 has been a most challenging year for me both physically and emotionally. Not only did I lose several of my beloved geriatric animal companions but also two of my longest and closest human friends, Merlin Andrew and Maria Davies. 239 more words

Haven Blog

"Momma, What Would Happen if I Went Up in a Tornado?"

Tornado season is upon us and with its upcoming arrival comes preparation of our storm safety zone, as we like to call it. Having been through three tornados in my life (Andover, KS 1991 and Wichita, KS 1999 being the two devastating of the three), I made sure we had a secure location built within our home to ride out any storms. 692 more words

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