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Toronto police board urged to wait to pick new chief

Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly says the decision on the next Toronto police chief should wait until after the Oct. 27 election.

“My first impulse would be to roll it over to the new administration,” he said Thursday at city hall. 398 more words


For Sammy Yatim’s father, ‘horrible nightmare’ continues

Nabil Yatim was buying presents for his children moments before his world fell apart.

At a roadside stop in the United States, the 66-year-old was seven hours from seeing his son, Sammy, 18, and daughter Sarah, 16; seven hours from wrapping them in his arms after a business trip. 1,166 more words


G20 proved a turning point for Bill Blair

Public criticism over the G20 summit was still raining down hard on Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair when, in early 2011, he stood at the front of a University of Toronto lecture hall, and invited more. 1,120 more words


In hiring new Toronto police chief, board may look beyond the usual suspects

The Toronto police board is open to breaking with tradition and hiring a chief from outside, chair Alok Mukherjee indicated while discussing the civilian body’s decision not to renew Chief Bill Blair’s contract. 734 more words


John Sewell Metro Morning Radio Interview

On Thursday, 24 July, 2014 John Sewell spoke with Matt Galloway of the CBC radio program Metro Morning. The topic was Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair. 1,479 more words

Police Chief Bill Blair's contract not renewed amid often strained relations with civilian board

Almost three months ago, Councillor Mike Del Grande was so rankled by paid-duty policing in Toronto, he rose to his feet and mimicked for his police board colleagues the actions of an officer supposedly directing traffic during an Environment Day in his ward. 947 more words

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A look back at 5 controversial Toronto police chiefs

Jack Ackroyd: 1980-1984

Generally hailed for his personal kindness and his willingness to admit fault in the police force (when officers kicked people while leaving a Scarborough party in 1982, the chief pronounced himself “somewhat ashamed and quite appalled”), Ackroyd was considered a liberal in his time. 436 more words