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Transit and taxes strikes a chord with voters on Twitter

TORONTO – Taxes and transit have become the most talked about topics on Twitter during the final weeks of the Toronto municipal election campaign, according to data released by the social media giant. 394 more words


Sandro Lisi allegedly seen putting up 'Ford for Mayor' signs

TORONTO – Mayor Rob Ford’s former friend, driver, and alleged drug dealer Sandro Lisi has reportedly been spotted putting up “Ford for Mayor” signs in Toronto. 200 more words


New poll has John Tory 6-points ahead of nearest rival

TORONTO – John Tory leads his nearest rival by 6-points with just three days left in the campaign, according to a new poll.

The survey conducted by Mainstreet Technologies shows Tory has 38 per cent support among voters compared to 32 per cent for Doug Ford and 20 per cent for Olivia Chow. 109 more words


Where Toronto mayoral candidates live affects policies, values, experts say

Stand on Doug Ford (open Doug Ford’s policard)’s front steps, scan his neighbourhood, and you’ll see families who earn upwards of $200,000 annually, drive to work and own their homes. 489 more words


Most Torontonians say the city is world class

You can’t have a conversation about the future of Toronto without someone using the words ‘world class city.’

New York, London, Hong Kong.  No one in those cities ever seems to wonder if their city is world class, it just is.   299 more words


Timeline: Rob Ford's political career

TORONTO – Toronto voters head to the polls next week to chose a successor to Mayor Rob Ford, who dropped out of the race for re-election after being diagnosed with cancer. 549 more words


Doug Ford denies calling Toronto reporter a 'little b---h' as John Tory and Olivia Chow demand he apologize

"I can't stand that little bitch," Doug Ford said about me as he left CTV studios. I did not hear it. Multiple photographers heard it.

392 more words