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Easter Flower Display 2014 at Allan Gardens Part 3

Easter Flower Display 2014 at Allan Gardens. Part 3 The Cactus Garden. Toronto, Ontario. Fuji X-S1.

Refreshingly Different Wedding Photography Vs Traditional Photography

Each one sort of photography has a term connected with it. Camera people market themselves utilizing these terms to engage their potential customers. They may be conventional, fantastic, crisp, up to date, enthusiastic, elegant, emotional, masterful, and practically whatever available term you can think of. 551 more words

I'm a TCK

I met up and had lunch with one of my closest friends today and we somehow started talking about being TCKs. We were both TCKs, which is kind of why we became friends in the first place. 1,563 more words


The Problems with Identity-Constructed Politics- A Case Study with the University of Toronto's Student Union

A couple weeks ago, there was a preliminary  proposal by the University of Toronto’s Student Union (UTSU) to change their Board of Directors structure.

At the moment, the Board consists of the UTSU Executive and Directors elected by their respective College or Professional Faculty. 707 more words


Noteworthy Improvements - Union Station Platform Revitalization

A couple of months ago, on a daily basis I would being awoken from my deep train slumber by the piercing sounds of construction early in the morning.  165 more words


Travel Bug Bite - Hamilton

This is a little bit of a jump back in time… 2012

It was April, and my boyfriend was going back to visit his family for his usual Tax Season trip. 469 more words



Tyson Staples, BSc. Kin, CSEP-CEP, PICP 3, BioSignature

Strength Coach/Personal Trainer

For the exercise athletes on vacation:

5 continuous rounds:

0:40 max effort/0:20 rest

A1 – Double Unders… 27 more words

Potato Peeler