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Conviction for Murder of Cop Reconsidered for DA Withholding Evidence.

One of the fundamental rights in our criminal justice system that our courts hold most sacred is due process.  This includes the right to let the jury see all evidence, subject to certain restrictions involving undue consumption of time, items that will unduly inflame emotions and relevance.  60 more words


The Police Stole My Marijuana - Will My Homeowner’s Insurance Pay Me for My Loss?

Occasionally, a client will tell us that the police made a traffic stop of the client’s car and searched the car from top to bottom, trunk to engine compartment.   104 more words


AppTipSheet for iPad/iPhone FILMiC App

This fall I will be teaching the iPad for Photography class at Torrance on Tuesdays at 12:30 pm beginning September 9th. To begin with, the class is not just for iPad users. 220 more words

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Be Careful About any Plea in a New Criminal Case if Already on Probation.

Our office often represents people who are on probation and pick up a new, minor case.  The client is often then offered a plea bargain on the new case with fairly good terms.   60 more words


Can a Federal Court Impose a Residency Restriction on a Man Who Has Illegal Sex Overseas?

Most people appreciate the uniquely harmful nature of sex crimes, especially if the victim is vulnerable or the offense is committed with a weapon.  The crime scars one’s self esteem and violates one’s privacy, often in a violent way.   45 more words