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The Pirate Bay Runs on 21 “Raid-Proof” Virtual Machines

[The Pirate Bay] uses 21 “virtual machines” (VMs) hosted at different providers. This is up four machines from two years ago, in part due to the steady increase in traffic. 116 more words

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BitTorrent: Our Users Buy 33% More Music Albums Online

To provide some examples of what it can do, BitTorrent Inc. has made a distribution and advertising deck with success stories. Thus far more than 10,000 artists have used BitTorrent’s bundles, generating over 100 million downloads which convert into real sales. 41 more words

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The Pirate Bay Blocking Is Effective Suggests MPAA Research - Pirate Bay hacking case starts in confusion

Hollywood and other entertainment groups have tried time and again to block The Pirate Bay in many countries. Of course, they have succeeded in blocking access to TPB. 1,155 more words


Russian Govt. Plans Tougher Anti-Piracy Legislation

In an effort to crack down on rampant online piracy, last August Russia introduced a brand new anti-piracy law. The legislation provides a mechanism for sites to be blocked should they not comply with rightsholder takedown requests within 72 hours. 91 more words

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British Man Sentenced to 33 Months of Prison For Recording a Movie in a Theater

Ouch! 33 months for distributing and selling pirated copies of Fast and Furious 6 on the Internet as well as on physical media. Sounds a bit too harsh… 327 more words


Rightscorp Wants to Hijack Your Browser, TorrentFreak Reports

How would it feel if your web browser was hijacked by a company on behalf of some other entity? Not good at all, right? Now you may ask how could a ‘bounty hunter’ like that hijack your web browser and why would they want to hijack your browser in the first place? 411 more words


Most-Pirated Movies, TV-Shows and Games Per State… Debunked

The data was first published by the piracy experts over at Movoto Real Estate. Based on a large sample of three million unique IP addresses collected over a period of 40 days they presented a map of the most torrented movies, TV-shows and games per state. 73 more words