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My First Shell Script for Ubuntu Linux

It might not be a big thing for most people, especially developers. But for a wanna-be programmer like me, a first time is something big. 703 more words


Joker Lets You Instantly Stream Perfectly Legal And Legitimate Torrent Files

Let’s say there’s a torrent online you would like to view. After all, torrents themselves are perfectly legal. Instead of downloading the torrent, paste the link to the torrent in Joker.org and watch the content instantly. 222 more words


Joker.org lets you watch Torrents instantly with just a link

A new website called Joker.org allows users to paste either a direct link to a torrent or a downloaded torrent file, and then instantly view the content. 193 more words


Piracy: the Robin Hood of Online Industry?

Financially challenged university students may feel no obligation to feel guilty about downloading a movie here or there, especially from some of the wealthiest companies and individuals on the planet. 431 more words

Torrenting...like a boss.

Pre-Read! This really only may interest you if you meet the following point(s):

  • You leave your PC on overnight and do not mind about internet usage;
  • 474 more words

Torrents wash away everything; rainbows floating all around.

Today I did something I have never done before… I went into Uni on a Sunday! It was an odd experience, one which I did not necessarily gain any excitement from but the workload is definitely starting to pile up a lot, most of which is group work, so I guess I’ll be spending many more Sunday’s in the university library over the next couple of months. 62 more words

Chaos On The Airwaves