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Apparently, honesty is bad for the economy

I saw this report while reading the paper on the Canada Line on Friday:

New federal rules that threaten to ban companies convicted of crimes from public contracts could kill jobs and hurt the Canadian economy, warns a study conducted for a powerful business group.

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Late late late

Perhaps I shouldn’t be frustrated, but it seems like anytime I go to any doctors appointment of substance they’re always really late and non-apologetic. It doesn’t matter what city I’m in or what department I’m seeing, they’re just late. 675 more words

Molly Glynn's husband sues over actress' death

The freak accident that killed actress Molly Glynn has spawned a lawsuit.

Glynn, 46,  was killed in September when a tree fell on her while she was riding a bike in a north suburban forest preserve. 53 more words


alistmarketing reblogged this on TimTheBarGuy and commented:

Excessive litigation. The solution costs nothing -- any defendant in a civil action should have the same right to a bench trial as a defendant in a criminal trial. This would discourage many jury-baiting sad but not negligent tales from ever making it to court, while not threatening legitimate civil cases. Judges will more frequently make a more fact based, less emotional call in death and injury civil cases. I am not saying there is no case here; I don't like to judge anything without the facts. But a tree blowing over in a storm is most likely not a matter of government negligence. In the bar/restaurant business, as well as any retailer, unwarranted suits are a plague.  We are targeted by scammers and sought out as "deep pockets" in lawsuits where we are only tangentially involved. Whether this Molly Glynn suit is justified or not, a defendant's right to a civil bench trial is obviously a fair play and would lead to a better justice system.

U.S. Malpractice System is a Failure

The U.S. tort system as a solution to compensation for medical errors is an abysmal failure.   It’s unfair to doctors and  it’s unfair to patients. 386 more words