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Researchers unlock mystery behind Terracotta Army


China’s Terracotta Army has fascinated millions since its discovery 40 years ago, near present-day Xi’an. Built by Qin Shihuang, China’s first emperor, the Terracotta Army was massed below ground, to protect a spectacular underground palace complex that was based on Qin’s imperial capital. 709 more words


Time For A Change!!!

I posted this one from a recently received email on a topic that’s near and dear to my heart; a chance for ‘We the People’ to put the arrogant Congressional and Executive branches back in their places and let them know they work for us!  317 more words


Free Speech in France Decided on a Case-by-case Basis

Apparently a restaurant owner in France has successfully sued a blogger/critic for hurting his business.

I would have thought that blogging under one’s own name and from a site with a reputation to maintain, non-anonymously, would guard against some of the worst tendencies of the Internet, but in this case the blogger’s choice to use her real name and make it possible to find her is in effect being punished.  56 more words

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