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My Lucky Charms were too soggy this morning. I’m going to sue.

If you are a consumer products or services company such as General Mills, this is how you see the world: full of very crazy people and very smart lawyers, which you view as a very bad combination that is more than willing to take you to court over the moisture levels of breakfast foods. 738 more words

Equal Pay

You couldn’t ask for a clearer contrast between the “family values” of Republicans and those of the Democrats. The vote on equal pay for women was blocked by Republicans — every single Republican voted against it. 403 more words

Michigan’s Medical Malpractice Tort Reform “The Juice Isn’t Worth the Squeeze”

BY: Norman D. Tucker

Some still proclaim there is a medical malpractice crisis, or too many cases being filed. There is a crisis to be sure, and it’s not too many claims being filed, but too few. 2,210 more words

"A Vile And Wicked Plot": How Barack Obama Trapped The GOP On Health Care

Barack Obama has done many dastardly things to Republicans. He regularly ridicules their arguments. He insists on being treated as though he were legitimately the president of the United States. 1,183 more words


The Case Against Tort Reform: The GM Debacle

On Tuesday in the nation’s capital the CEO of General Motors testified about a dangerous vehicle defect that apparently has resulted in at least 13 deaths.  179 more words

Consumer Law/Consumer Protection

Civil LIability Act 2003 (Qld)

ON THIS DAY IN 2003, the Queensland Parliament passed the Civil Liability Act 2003 (Qld).  The Act is taken to have commenced on 2 December 2002. 15 more words

Law Reform

"Reality Is Starting To Set In": Is The "Mend It" Period Of The Affordable Care Act's Evolution Beginning?

All of a sudden, people in Washington seem to want to fix the Affordable Care Act. And regardless of their motivations, that should be—well, maybe “celebrated” is too strong a word, but we can see it as a necessary and positive development. 706 more words