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Free Speech in France Decided on a Case-by-case Basis

Apparently a restaurant owner in France has successfully sued a blogger/critic for hurting his business.

I would have thought that blogging under one’s own name and from a site with a reputation to maintain, non-anonymously, would guard against some of the worst tendencies of the Internet, but in this case the blogger’s choice to use her real name and make it possible to find her is in effect being punished.  56 more words

Politics And Public Policy


The following letter to the editor by ITLA President John D. Cooney appeared in the Madison County Record on June 16, 2014. 

 Facts don’t support I-LAW claims… 445 more words

Caving To Polluters Is Not A Desirable Expression Of Judicial Restraint

  1. Caving to polluters is not a desirable expression of judicial restraint

The recent Supreme Court decision on CTS Corp. vs. Waldburger—ruling that North Carolina’s state law placing a time limit on filing lawsuits against businesses takes precedence over an alternative federal timeframe —arouses a great many concerns about the state of civil litigation in the United States. 2,030 more words

Ben Carson on Tort Reform

“Patients who are injured deserve to be fully compensated and made whole, but massive, unpredictable damage awards are the central driver toward unaffordable medical malpractice premiums, which drive many doctors out of business.


the law suit

“Today trial begins in what is being called the strangest law suit in american history. This case has been officially classified as McKenna vrs the Seville cooperation. 477 more words