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Esterhazy Torte

As a part of my new years’ resolutions, I wanted to learn more about cooking.  I know how to cook, but I wanted to push myself to learn techniques that I had never tried before.   1,230 more words


chocolate torte with strawberries


4 eggs, separated whites from yolks

200g icing sugar

70g flour

70g cornflour

2 tbsp cocoa powder

Chocolate mousse:

250g mascarpone cheese

100g dark chocolate… 302 more words

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La prima cosa bella: torta al cocco con gocce di cioccolato

Oggi inizio a condividere con voi qualche semplice ricetta. Mi è sempre piaciuto “pasticciare” in cucina ma ora, forse incoraggiata dalle circostanze, mi ci dedico sempre più frequentemente. 196 more words

Intolleranze Alimentari

Torta all'Acqua alle Mele

  • unire 230 gr di farina, 30 gr di olio di semi, 150 g di zucchero, lievito per dolci, vanillina o zucchero vanigliato, scorza e succo di un limone e infine 250 g di acqua.
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It's Pie Day, but not Pi Day

In dorm cuisine, it is kind of hard to stay up with all the holidays. I can’t just quickly make it myself because of the fact that everything is made for me. 259 more words


Blueberry and Almond Chocolate Meringue Torte with Coffee Cream

Welcome to the recipe for one of my favourite desserts, ever. I pinky promise that it legitimately is super easy to make, and whilst you need to prepare it the day before serving (often a blessing in my opinion), the actual method is simple and quick. 934 more words


berry and white chocolate torte


7  large free range eggs

1 cup of caster sugar

1 cup self raising flour

1/3 cup cornflour


250g raspberries

250g blueberries

White chocolate mousse: 334 more words

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