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Mark Nix Fun Fact #596

While running the other day, a rabbit started running beside me. I, of course, immediately recognized this as the race of a life time, so I put it in full gear and took off. 40 more words


Oi @tortyboy I can’t believe how bloody late you were last nite u cheeky git #moveyourarse
@tortyboy nah your shell ain’t THAT heavy, I was carrying a bucket of carrots and I made it on time ffs… 235 more words


Tortoise and the Hare

I was on the phone to dad musing about the struggles of modern-day
life and how it seems like we never really have enough time to accomplish what we want.   256 more words

Dad Says

Word Game: Aesop Edition

We’ve all heard the tale of the tortoise and rabbit,
that rabbit that raced all the time out of habit,
who set out to prove that speed was the way… 72 more words

Creative Writing

A Turtle's Point of View

We are not gardeners, my husband nor I, so I don’t know what compelled us to buy a place encircled by gardens. Perhaps it was easier to miss the enormity of the task when we made the decision in early April, before all the vines got their green on. 476 more words

Short Takes On Life

Do moral stories promote honesty in children?

When my kids were little I used to read to them a lot. As a parent you quickly discover there are two kinds of children’s literature, ones that the child prefers and the one’s that adults like. 200 more words