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Watch This Turtle Help Its Turtle Friend Get Off Its Back In A Unique Display Of Reptile Friendship

This video was taken last month at the Taipei Zoo, according to the roughly translated YouTube description, during a class trip taken by the camera holder’s daughter. 106 more words

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Wildlife from The Flintstones: Santa Cruz and North Seymour Islands: Galapagos

Expecting Barney Rubble to emerge with Fred and Wilma, Diane and I visualized a scene from Bedrock on the fourth day of our fascinating cruise around The Galapagos Islands. 2,749 more words

Moving To Malaysia

Ipoh, Malaysia - Impressions

The third largest city in Malaysia, Ipoh was founded as a tin mining town by the British. The city is generally forgotten by tourists, who head straight from the capital along the major highway to Georgetown on the island of Penang. 794 more words


via tort-time: These Galapagos Tortoises seem to enjoy human...


via tort-time:

These Galapagos Tortoises seem to enjoy human contact most, or maybe there’s an itch just.. right there.. no a little …to the left… these short legs are useless for this sorta thing!

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Reginald, or Why I Hate Talking Animals

If it wasn’t clear from the title of this post, I kind of hate talking animals. This is because, for all intents and purposes, they’re the same thing as regular people, with the exception of an irritating ability to get away with all but the most damning character flaws. 3,021 more words


The Live Turtle & Tortoise Museum

Once again I am getting behind with the blog, but about two weeks ago Ev and I went to the Chinese Gardens to check out The Live Turtle & Tortoise Museum. 239 more words