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Bleed on a Ferguson police officer? Get charged with destruction of public property. Oh My!

By Charlton S. Stanley, Weekend writer

We should have seen this coming. I believe it is going to get worse before it gets better, if ever. 899 more words

Criminal Law

The Most Frustrating Phrase in Law School: “It Depends”

For those of you beginning law school this month, welcome to the world of uncertainty! From childhood, we have all been taught that there are rules—absolute truths, if you will–that guide our understanding of the subjects we have studied. 655 more words


An Interesting Opinion on Tort Reform from 1987

I found the dissenting opinion below in a products liability case from 1987. It really does make me stop to wonder if things wouldn’t be more equitable if everyone was informed of everything in a case: that there is insurance, that the victim has already been compensated x amount, etc. 529 more words

Civil Law

Hot Off the Press! CEB Hits the Bull’s Eye Again!

Joining the many useful titles published by California Education of the Bar is the newest arrival to the Law Library.
California Tort Forms From Expert Litigators puts together not only form templates, but also a summary of applicable law, elements of the action, damages and defenses. 176 more words


Supreme Court Explains What Evidence is Necessary to Prove Constructive Notice in Safe Place Claims

One of the supreme court’s recently issued decision should prove helpful in defending against slip-and-fall cases, especially those that are alleged to be the result of snow and ice. 825 more words


New York Port Authority Claims Ownership Of Skyline Image in Latest Trademark Abuse

Warning: the image above may get you sued by the New York Port Authority. We have long discussed the insane evolution of trademark and copyright laws. 697 more words


Book Review: Law, A Very Short Introduction by Raymond Wacks


Apart from a handful of books, most of my reviews discuss and comment on non-fiction novels. I struggled to rate this book particularly because my other ratings are juxtaposed on the style of books I have previously read, and this one doesn’t fall into any of those categories. 249 more words