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"Slip-And-Fall" Lawyer Commits Suicide in the Midst of Massive Fraud Investigation

Pennsylvania lawyer Andrew H. Gaber, 52, has committed suicide shortly before he was due to be tried in an insurance fraud case that now involves… 183 more words


Supreme Court Vacates Jane Doe Child Pornography Restitution Case

We previously discussed the case of Doyle Randall Paroline, who pleaded guilty in Texas in 2009 to possessing child pornography. He downloaded hundreds of images and two were found to be child pornography dedicating the abuse of Amy. 2,412 more words


Easter Egg Hunt Interrupted By Fatal Fall of Skydiver

The Easter Egg hunt of the Dye family of New Jersey was interrupted by a rather unexpected event: the fatal fall of a skydiver. Arkady Shenker, 49, had jumped around 13,500 feet wearing a “wing suit” that might have malfunctioned. 454 more words


How to sue an airline


Need a lawyer? Where do I start?

Not all clients are the same: we have different backgrounds; different interests; different matters; different issues. 195 more words

High Court Of Australia

You Can't Sue Me, I'm Your Mother: The Different Types Of Legal Immunities

Immunity: A defendant is completely absolved of all tort liability.  Usually, there will be a special relationship (spouse,government..) between the parties.

1) State Government: State governments have abolished immunity because of factors such as availability of insurance.  332 more words


Consumer Protection or Product Disparagement? The Secret To KFC's "Eleven Secret Herbs and Spices" Is That There Are Only Four Not-So-Secret Ingredients

Colonel Sanders was accused in a book of a culinary court-martial with the release of William Poundstone’s “Big Secrets.” Poundstone looked at the claim regarding KFC’s secret ingredients (as well as claims from other companies regarding secret recipes). 842 more words


I didn't steal a thing: The Shopkeeper's Privilege


False imprisonment is both a intentional tort and felony,and refers to private or governmental detention.  Today, I would like to discuss private detention, specifically the Shopkeeper’s Privilege. 362 more words