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Footage of Judge Rotenberg Center torturing a person with a disability aired in court (Graphic)

At LONG last we get to see the video that was oppressed from us for 8 years or so, sick, barbaric and wrong.  Don’t watch if you  don’t like bad things.

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Week of 4/7/14

Concerns surface regarding the recent attainment of the goal of 7 million people signing up for Obamacare. The spanish cable television networks are criticized for widely promoting Obamacare. 41 more words

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Press Release: The Herd, Brutal New Horror With A Purpose

Starring Pollyanna McIntosh (The Woman, Filth) and featuring a score by Laurent Bernard of Gallows, THE HERD is a study into the most unimaginable human suffering, yet it depicts a violence that is perpetrated every day on a massive scale. 222 more words


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Abuse in the Russian army

source: Human Rights Watch, BBC News, English Pravda

Conscription in Russia is a 12 month draft, mandatory for all male citizens age 18–27. The mandatory term of service was reduced from 18 months at the beginning of 2008. 1,865 more words

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What is more "inhumane"? Waterboarding or Drone Strike?

The question of the day in class was about what we found to be more inhumane, waterboarding or drone strike. I find both of them to be bad, but I think waterboarding is more inhumane. 44 more words

Families of Iranian political prisoners protest outside Rouhani's office

An individual from Hassan Rouhani’s office approached the families of political prisoners who are protesting outside Hassan Rouhani’s Office and told them to provide him with their demands so he would follow them up. 327 more words

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Project Whimsy #5: Kidnapping Party!

Rent a van and kidnap a random woman off the street. Tie her up in your basement and tell her all the terrible ways you’re going to torture her before you kill her. 61 more words

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