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IRCT joins calls around the world to focus on trauma rehabilitation in Gaza

As the war in Gaza draws to a 72 hour calm in its fourth week, organisations around the world are taking stock of the damage caused. 485 more words


Brennan apologizes after internal report finds CIA spied on Congress

By JOSEPH FITSANAKIS | intelNews.org
The director of the United States Central Intelligence Agency has apologized to Congress members after an internal inquiry found that the Agency spied on Congressional staff investigating its use of torture in interrogations. 357 more words

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I might seem happy – doesn’t mean I’m not tortured inside
Just want someone to confide about what really goes on inside
I can be brave – doesn’t mean I don’t feel the fear… 126 more words


Why Hasn't John Brennan Resigned?

I offer you a simple set of facts: under the Bush administration, the CIA set up a program that indisputably contained torture techniques; in due course, the Senate Intelligence Committee investigated the program in order to get some clarity as to its intent, its techniques, its authorization and its results; as the Committee was doing its work, the CIA hacked its computers in order to craft its own defense and suss out what the Committee had discovered. 645 more words

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Murder charge after torture victim Mal Wood dies

Brisbane Times Kristian Silva August 1, 2014

An Ipswich man hospitalised after allegedly being attacked by his housemate has died in hospital.
Mal Wood, 51, was rushed to hospital on Sunday after emergency services were called to his home on Scottsdale Street in Raceview, west of Brisbane. 95 more words

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White House Censoring What US Public Can Know About Torture Program

Roger’s note: What jumps out here for me, if for no one else, is that Scahill characterizes Obama’s decision to give a free pass to the Bush/Cheney torture regime as a “survival decision.”  Several years ago, the head of the University of California’s Boalt Law School, who had served on Obama’s original transition team, reported that the decision to ignore the law and the constitution was based on two considerations: one, that it would provoke the Republicans in Congress to be obstructionist (which, of course, they have been in any case LOL); and two, most importantly, to protect the president from assassination.   617 more words

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Kosovo Leaders Have Been Accused of Killing and Harvesting Organs

John Dyer reports for Vice News:

‘On Tuesday, Clint Williamson — an American diplomat appointed EU prosecutor in 2011 to investigate crimes against humanity in Kosovo — released a scathing statement that accused the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) of murdering a handful of people and then trafficking their kidneys, livers, and other body parts. 146 more words