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Spinwatch director talks to VICE about British PR companies "reputation laundering" for dictatorships

Jack Gilbert of Vice recently spoke to Tamasin Cave, director of Spinwatch:

‘The UK PR industry generates roughly £7.5 billion per year. If you work in media, it might feel like a good chunk of that comes via companies blasting your inbox with products that literally no one could ever want. 161 more words


The Gods Are Frowning

by Jim Bevan

Despite invoking the gods in its title, there’s hardly any intelligent design in Gods Will Be Watching. From the start the game doesn’t do much to impress. 1,289 more words


looks like a torturing machine and actually it is one:

have you ever wondered how a blackboard works?


Repentance (2014)

Nothing like a bad movie to make you feel sorry… sorry you watched it that is. Repentance was utterly terrible. Its one saving grace was Forest Whitaker’s psycho performance as the grieving son, who wants revenge for his mother’s death. 81 more words


When I said forever I meant it.

I’m not sure what this is, is it a poem or just a train of thoughts?

Sometimes I wear your cologne at night,
Place your T-shirt on my pillow and hold on so tight. 182 more words

Update on the aforementioned Japanese schoolgirl murder

After being grilled for hours by National Police Agency detectives, the 16-year old girl suspected of murdering and dismembering her classmate confessed to the crime, and explained why she did it…this girl had a macabre fascination with “dark culture” and black paganism, or “Kuromagia,” in Japanese lore. 72 more words