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Writing Inspiration? (A 100 Word Post)

Part of the time I know exactly what I am doing.  Unfortunately that part is usually when I’m sleeping.  That is why I propose the building of the great machine.  71 more words



CAT-Shadow-Report-Advocates-for-US-Torture-Prosecutions.pdf. (PDF)

A UN report declaring both Bush and Obama to be in violation of international law regarding the use of torture. Bush for allowing it under his regime and Obama for failing to prosecute the perpetrators. 14 more words


31 Frightful Films - #28 Audition

We’ve heard over and over how great this Japanese film is. I rented and downloaded it to take on vacation, but never watched it. Today Gunny had an appointment, and knowing he’ll never be able to watch 2 movies tonight after the Sprout goes to bed, I watched this on my own. 295 more words


Tortura Mental

Last night, my sister and I watched one of the eeriest silent films in my consideration, Sappho (Mad Love). She kept insisting on watching it and I couldn’t say no. 549 more words

Pola Negri

Discipline and Punish - Foucault, Review

Michel Foucault, in his Discipline and Punish, attempts to answer how torture was eliminated as a public spectacle during the 18th and 19th centuries, to be replaced by “the representative, scenic, signifying, public, collective model.” 1,112 more words

Discipline And Punish

Report To U.N. Calls Bullshit On Obama’s ‘Look Forward, Not Backwards’ Approach To Torture

I was stunned when President Obama flatly stated that he would ignore the legal requirements to investigate credible allegations of torture—allegations that by the time of his statement we knew to be factual, but without knowledge of how vast the torture program was nor the details of those guilty of participating in the torture system, torture quite clearly being a crime under US (nd international) law. 680 more words


Court of Appeal victory #stoptorture

A victory was achieved today in the long running battle by Abdul-Hakim Belhaj and Fatima Boudchar to get justice and redress for being tortured in Libya. 487 more words