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A Tortured Soul and Death Maiden Collaboration


I am lightning in a jar,  just one twist and off I go, out of control

The wind,  my fury,  my eye ever calm, ready to strike beyond belief… 262 more words

The Twisted Path Group


A Tortured Soul and Death Maiden Collaboration

The sun burns my skin while it rains,  down, and the acid begins

A stinging sensation tearing through,  like a needlepoint tattoo under my skin… 278 more words

The Twisted Path Group

Rogues of Darkness Verse III

A Collaboration by True Grue Angel, Tortured Soul and Silent Shadow

Rogues of Darkness Verse I

Rogues of Darkness Verse II

I found myself out of breath, hidden in a dark and damp corner like a terrified spider. 1,613 more words

Tortured Soul

Within by Tortured Soul


Within my core I feel you close, forever in my heart

but never to return to the unholy ghost

and never to keep us apart. 118 more words

Tortured Soul

Moonlight Discretion by Tortured Soul

image from www.colourbox.com

The Light brings forth  fright, flickering sounds of night

to a man with no compassion who reigns over your soul

 possessing angers hateful delight. 258 more words

Tortured Soul

Come Back by Tortured Soul

Deep within the pain begins

A tortured soul with so many sins.

What can it be this burning in me

 It’s cutting through from the inside out. 358 more words

Tortured Soul

It's Here! Author Kate Givans – Tortured Book Cover Reveal!

Tortured (Tortured Soul #1) by Kate Givans

Coming July, 2014


A dark and gritty, contemporary adult novel about loss, healing, and love’s ability to reach beyond scars and secrets, no matter how deep or hidden. 339 more words

Adult Fiction