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uk foodbank overview

But the underlying cause of Foodbank use in the UK is Cameron and the Tory policies that he and his band of millionaires have implemented.

Tory Scum

tory government celebrating homelessness

This is how the Tories celebrate the working class crushed into poverty and made homeless.

Don’t celebrate too much you Tory bastards, we’re not defeated yet.

Tory Scum

Eric Pickles and Christianity: militantly ignorant

You don’t like it? Go back to Atheostan 

From the Notes and Comment Blog at Butterflies and Wheels

by Ophelia Benson

More of the comedy of… 184 more words


ed miliband totally abandons working class in the cost of living crisis

Ed Miliband has pledged the Labour Party to boost middle class living standards hit by the cost of living crisis.

He makes no mention whatsoever of the working class who have systematically been attacked by the rich via Tory cuts and benefit reforms. 113 more words

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welfare reforms increase poor families debt by £52 each week

The Guardian article Poor families hit by welfare reforms ‘running up £52 of debt every week’ http://www.theguardian.com/society/2014/mar/26/poor-families-welfare-reforms-new-debt tells of the desperate plight that the Tory instigated class war has caused for the most vulnerable members of the working class. 203 more words

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ids and dwp callous approach to pip

The Mirror report on IDS and DWP’s catastrophic failure with their Personal Independence Payment (PIP) scheme leaving disabled and desperately ill people destitute waiting almost a year to get any money at all. 19 more words

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the recession and hey, rich bastards! when is enough enough?

Throughout the recession the only people to be hit are those at the lower end of the financial ladder, i.e. the working class. The rich, on the other hand, have prospered. 255 more words