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The Inconceivably Fair Elections Act

I don’t think that word means what you think it means.

The Harper conservative government is hard at work making federal elections in Canada more fair. 481 more words

Croydon's rubbish council: the 2014 Garbage Gallery

APRIL 15 UPDATE: Our loyal reader’s been in touch again, this time with potentially embarrassing evidence of Croydon Tories actively providing some of the rubbish that routinely blights the borough’s streets. 539 more words


Beyond the Barriers: The Work Programme

I do not think; if I had written Beyond the Barriers that I would have devoted nine pages to the Work Programme. I would just have written, scrap it and recycle the money to use to better effect elsewhere. 944 more words

Politicians Work Together To Make Country A Better Place

By Daniel Bradley

In an unexpected and astonishing act of political enterprise, government figures of every degree and rank are working together to improve everything. Everything. 448 more words