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You won't hear Gideon boasting about this


You won’t hear Chancellor George Osborne boasting about the biggest drop in living standards since the war

The young have been hurt the most by the recession. 29 more words


A masterclass in leading questions

We received in the post today a mailshot from our local prospective Conservative candidate, Ben Howlett. Ben wants to know our opinion on some matters, and posed some multiple choice questions to help him understand public opinion. 28 more words


All Jobcentres to be Shut?

Iain Duncan Smith Urged By Senior Tories To Shut All Jobcentres

No this is not a story from the Daily Mash (‘COFFEE’ served in Scottish cafes is actually high strength lager) 470 more words


Claims Of Unfair Dismissal By Cameron To Win UKIP Voters

Dominic Grieve, former Attorney General, claims that Cameron fired him in an attempt to win back newly-formed UKIP voters. Grieve, along with 14 others  were dismissed in the biggest Cabinet clear-out for years. 263 more words


Surveillance and Austerity

One of the most depressing aspects of the passing of the Data Retention and Investigatory Powers Act (DRIP)  this week was the level of political consensus. 597 more words


The Labour Party: Squanderers of a Booming Generation?

As of late, the crux of discourse for all political discussion has focused around image — or more notably — Ed Milliband’s alleged shortcomings in this area. 732 more words

Man Claims At 20 He Was Forced To Have Sex With Senior Conservatives

After seeing an article on a former Tory activist, who was made to find underage rentboys boys for a private sex party, a man known as David has come forward with allegations he was blackmailed into having sex with senior Conservatives. 489 more words