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Star Trek - Television Series

Star Trek: TOS

2 Drinks — Kirk gets in a brawl.

2 Drinks — Kirk gets the girl.

1 Drink — Someone uses the transporter. 385 more words

Victory is... still down the road a bit. But we're walking forward again...

If you love something, you don’t flee – you work to get it fixed. And you put feet to the fire over it.

We all know that last year the Second Life Terms of Service got put through the wringer of a rather nasty change that no one liked. 1,346 more words

Second Life

When clarification only muddies the waters ...

That is, of course, if something was intended as a clarification rather than further obfuscation.

I am talking about the new Terms of Service from Linden Lab, of course. 243 more words

Second Life

How To Commit Not Infringement

So after yesterday’s blog, I get a response from one of Team Lickspittle:

@wilsb8 don't be such a chickenshit. Commit a real broach of copyright if you think he won't sue.

452 more words

7.0 is here!! Let's try... Artemis (Greek God) Amelioration :P

The new patch is out! While I cant PR the Daji yet, Greek Gods (Artemis) and Greek Beasts (Baphomet) Ameliorations are available, as long as you have a stock of souls ready :D… 718 more words


Tree of Savior (Tos) Fandom!

Salutations everybody! Today I’m here to share an online game which is about to be release later in the future. The game is as the titled above, Tree of Savior. 119 more words