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How does Earth function in the Star Trek universe?

In the Star Trek universe Earth no longer has currency it no longer has money it has evolved past that into a utopian society where people do what they want? 230 more words


Rugbytoer Deel 1 - Boyblu

Hierdie storie is ingestuur deur Boyblu. Geniet en comment asseblief

Dis ‘n koue Geauteng wintersoggend en die Hoerskool rugby spanne arriveer vir hul Julie vakansie rugby toer na die Suidkus. 1,827 more words


Los Remedios Naturales Contra La Tos

Remedios Naturales para la Tos

1. Una ducha caliente
Enciende el agua caliente, cierra las ventanas y apaga el ventilador de aire. El vapor alivia las vías respiratorias y afloja la congestión nasal y la flema en la garganta y los pulmones. 156 more words


My arms are always falling asleep! What can I do?

You wake up in the middle of the night, tossing and turning. You just can’t get comfortable because your arms are so tingly and numb. 447 more words


Star Trek - What Are Little Girls Made Of?

In which a member of the medical team encounters a long-lost flame again with the slight twist that, this time, it’s Nurse Chapel’s turn.

Alas her betrothed, Dr Korby, is a mad scientist trying to build together an android force to take over the known universe, which is a bit of a shame. 338 more words


Star Trek- Mudd's Women

O Harry Mudd. I first encountered intergalactic wide-boy Mudd on the PC game from the mid 90s in what was a fairly dull level. Clearly he was supposed to be a bit of light relief and, if memory serves, he didn’t quite work in the context in the game. 575 more words