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I'm Angry

I’m angry. I try not to become too emotional in my writing here, but I’m getting really ticked off. In the past few days several things have come together to make me so angry: 551 more words

Sample - Terms of Service - Contract

Date of Last Revision: August 17, 2010

The foundation of our relationship with our members is the TRUE VITALITY Terms of Service, hereinafter referred to as “TOS.” For purposes of this TOS, “TRUE VITALITY” means both TRUE VITALITY, INC. 6,241 more words


Grinding Never Dies! Path of Atavism and Way to Ruthlessness Cleared :D

Sometimes, a new stage appears. Sometimes, that stage will include some particularly nasty mechanisms or boss stats that make you doubt your otherwise mega-powerful teams. Sometimes, you just keep failing with your favorite teams and the stage simply does not allow diamond revivals, Madhead does not even care about you throwing diamonds at the handphone screen. 1,352 more words


Nothing to Do Waiting for Patch, Let's PR Idun!

It’s been a boring 2-3 weeks in ToS. Everyone is waiting for the huge patch to come (it will be up by tonight ^^) and there’s really not much to do, except for that hellish atavism thing D: But then, Way to Ruthlessness is up again! 871 more words


"Asegúrese que las buenas noticias suenan a buenas noticias", by Ricola

Hace sólo unos días os dejábamos aquí colgadas unas gráficas publicitarias de Ricola.

Hoy volvemos a la carga con la marca por la sencilla razón de que nos gustan los conceptos con los que trabajan. 79 more words


Scout Orthos

Sorry to Doc, who requested these a couple days ago. I forgot about them on Friday and then yesterday was really busy. I wasn’t even in front of the computer for most of the day, for a change. 10 more words


Clickwrap or Browsewrap? Implementing and Enforcing Online Terms of Use

The following article is an excellent primer on the relative enforcability and evidentiary value of clickwrap versus browserwrap agreements. Clickwrap require subjective notice and affirmative ascent, thus, are preferred when possible. 25 more words

Digital Information Law