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Healthy eating 101

Growing up, healthy eating meant getting all of the servings listed on the food pyramid…you got each of your grain servings, you ate your fruit and vegetable servings, you ate or drank your dairy requirements…but now that I’m an adult, my idea of healthy eating has changed a bit. 635 more words


Make farmers your friends, stop with the processed foods!

I had  a lovely interview with Tosca Reno..you can read the story here , she has a new book out, which is great.

During our chat, she told me we should stop putting our faith in food manufacturers and instead support our farmers. 65 more words

Move It And Lose It

Your Best Body Now

I’m going to be honest, I’m not too crazy about sitting still for hours on end reading a book I’m pretending to comprehend. Growing up, I would much rather have been outside kicking a ball or running in big circles around a track. 208 more words


Tosca Reno


So shortly after I decided that I was going to start eating more healthy I bought Tosca Reno’s Eat Clean cookbook. My fiance had heard of it through a friend and we were very interested in giving it a shot. 122 more words