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workout fave: sworkit

i’ve had a pretty busy week what with all the wine drinking and catching up on pretty little liars i had to do, so rather than drag myself to the gym, i decided to dust off an app that i hadn’t used in a while. 652 more words


Working Out This Week

Hey guys!  Sorry I missed posting yesterday.  I actually missed everything yesterday, workout and all.  :(  Let’s just say I have some pretty serious stuff going on in my family at the moment that all sort of exploded the past couple of days.   578 more words


Weekly Workouts

Good morning!  Have you ever had a bit of time where you just did not have the motivation to get some good workouts in?  That was definitely me this week.   193 more words


Stand Strong.

How many times have you heard from a well meaning teacher, or parent, or spouse “Straighten your back! Think about you posture!”

It’s a phrase we hear often, but we don’t think about it a whole lot any more. 778 more words


losing my crossfit virginity: fitness in the park review

similar to the swiping of v-cards all across the nation, my first experience with crossfit was awkward and painful.

i decided that since i’ve been too chicken to try crossfit at an actual box (look, ma, i’m using the lingo!), i should try it during this summer’s… 837 more words


Squatastic Workout!

Great overall body workout that you can do at the gym, at the track or even right outside your front door!

**10-1 push ups: do 10 push ups rest for 10 seconds then do 9, rest for 10, then do 8, rest for 10… until you get to 1… 49 more words


My First Thoughts on the July Workout Calendar

The July Calendar is here!  It’s called the ForceOfJULY.  I am really excited that this calendar went back to having each day focus on a specific area of the body.   189 more words