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A Total Recall - The Movies Of Arnold Schwarzenegger

The undisputed king of action cinema, the icon who made going to see action movies a must, the Austrian Oak himself, Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger. For 32 years he’s been an incomparable force in the action movie business, delivering more hit movies and more classic one-liners than any other action star on the screen, delighting cinema goers all around the world with his blend of humour and his urge to brandish guns and break bones, so it seems time to look at the silver screen history of the man we all lovingly know as Arnie, starting from his first major screen classics and catching up again after his 10-year break from headlining Hollywood action blockbusters to check out his recent comeback. 8,772 more words


Recalling Great Movies

Here’s some movies I selectively picked up locally earlier this month.

I’d seen A Few Good Men many years ago and recently saw it again. Since I liked it still, if not a little bit more than I already did, I had to get it. 175 more words


Total Recall 2012 (movie review)

Thirty percent of critics gave Total Recall (the 2012 remake) a positive review. That sounds about right. 326 more words

Movie Reviews

Film Quizzes: Memory Loss Part 1

I was watching a forgotten gem of a film, 1942’s Random Harvest, that tells of a couple during World War 2 who must fall in love again after he loses his memory in an accident. 65 more words

Film Quizzes

Android Call Recorder | Total Recall

Best Selling Call Recorder on the Planet! Total Recall by Killer Mobile has been trusted by Millions of Users Worldwide since 2004. Our Android Call Recorder offers a super simple user interface, robust set of supported upload services and is the ONLY Call Recorder for Android officially licensed to use the MP3 codec. 33 more words

Total Recall

Total Recall (1990)- ending the dream.

(This blog will reveal key plot lines and story elements from the movie. It might be difficult to digest what I have written without first seeing the movie. 746 more words


Woman with 3 boobs takes gimp men out for walk in public

I don’t want to be a wet towel, but why can’t a woman with two boobs get the same attention walking her gimps? This article is setting a dangerous precedent; we should not be encouraging gimp walkers to take on a third boob just for the sake of publicity. 11 more words