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There's A Book Snob In Us All

Long time, no rant. I’m finally getting back into the swing of things, including preparation for National Novel Writing Month, just 26 days away now, as well as a massive independent study for my enriched English class. 574 more words


5 things me n' Peterbilt now have in common

And yes, I’m totally aware of the grammatical blunder that title is, but ‘Peterbilt and I’ just seemed too mature for the upcoming content of this post. 749 more words


Review: Total Recall (2012)

The very definition of style over substance. As in, there isn’t any of the latter.

Douglas Quaid is a man unsatisfied with how his life has turned out, living in a distant future where Earth has been ravaged by war, and only two continents survive, the United Kingdom and Australia, connected by “The Fall”, a gigantic elevator through the centre of the Earth. 329 more words


[90s Action Month] Bede's Top 10 Favourite Action Films From The 90s

I think that it is a pretty safe assumption that the 90s were a truly fantastic time for action films. Sure there were hundreds upon hundreds made during that time, but luckily the decade produced many action films that would go on to be classics of the genre. 1,611 more words


MIA Launches Virtual Passenger Assistant

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Travelers passing through Miami International Airport might feel like they’ve been transported to the future. Just like the holograms someone would see in sci-fi films like “Stars Wars” or “Total Recall”, MIA has implemented futuristic holographic technology for a new digital passenger assistant. 213 more words


Bicho cornudo y jorobado el ser humano che...

Todos tenemos un Minotauro y un Dromedario. Y no, no me refiero a que cada cual tiene un coso de estos donde la gente se pierde, que tiene muchos pasillos, cuyo nombre ahora no recuerdo, y al final hay una gran bestia mitad humano, mitad Toro, con la cual hay que pelear, metaforizando la pelea interior entre el bien, el mal y el estar borracho o drogado. 359 more words


I'm Not Even Going To Comment On This

I know I like to talk on here about weird stuff that people out there do, but I’m just not going to comment on this article I ran across… 128 more words