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My Favourite Video Games.

Why I Am The Way I Am” was a really serious post and I want to wind back the drama from my horrible life an my pathetic inability to find someone to love me by talking about some video games. 419 more words

Pensive Digression

Movie Review - Hollow Man (2000)

Invisibility, a premise that many have often pondered at a time in their existence. What would we do if we were to harness the ability to disappear? 412 more words

Movie Review

Thinking about themes from Science Fiction in 2014

As outlined in my introduction post, Technorphosis will be the space I explore my own reactions to some of the technology we will be using in the Innovation Workshops. 650 more words

Total Recall (2012)

This is a remake of the original Arnie film from 1990. A film I have watched 3 times, not because I liked it but at the time it was one of the few Arnie films I didn’t like and I felt I should. 372 more words

Film Review

Arnie infographic

Arnie… The Terminator, Conan, Predator hunter, pregnant man, The Governator, Savior of Mars, Secret Agent and cop… He is THE action hero.

And now, a cool infographic was made for his newest movie The Sabotage. 16 more words


4 Movie Tropes that Remind You Real Life Exists

It’s no big secret that action movies and TV shows require the suspension of disbelief for really most things that happen. If the movie’s good enough we’re usually well invested to the point that we don’t care that the exploding device probably shouldn’t have created such a huge fireball or that Batman was just bankrupt and he still somehow managed to get to a different country and obtain a very nice jacket on the way, after mending his broken spine by having a guy kick it.