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Historically Accurate Egyptians for Total War: Rome 2

This mod is for the historical strategy game Total War: Rome 2. This modifies the appearance of the Ptolemaic faction’s indigenous Egyptian soldiers (not to be confused with Greek or Galatian immigrants) so that they have less armor just like historical Egyptian soldiers ( 32 more words


The War in Iberia

The road I had taken to get the Greek city state of Syracuse from a minor faction to one of the major regional powers was not easy, even on normal. 419 more words

Hannibal At The Gates

What The... Gaming!? - Medieval Priests

I have been playing the ‘Total War’  series of games for a long time since the first (Shogun: Total War) came out in 2000. I have played most of the main games and some of the expansions for those games, I have sank many, many hours trying to conquer the World or Japan, or Rome, or Americas. 319 more words


Totally in love with Total War

As I child, probably from as young as 4-5 I was always interested in history – running around the back garden with a couple of sticks pretending they were swords and marvelling at the tales of the Romans, Vikings and Normans who invaded Britain. 712 more words

Video Games

Le jeu vidéo et l'Histoire

Les créateurs de jeux vidéo s’inspirent souvent de ce qui les entourent pour créer leurs jeux. Ainsi, certains regardent derrière eux pour trouver l’inspiration, soit en ne prenant que des parties historique pour constituer leur propre univers, soit en intégrant leur personnage dans une période historique. 249 more words


Sega's History and Importance

Sega has been around since the beginning of the gaming industry in 1983.  They had started out as a jukebox and slot machine company in the 1940′s but slowly evolved into one of the game industry’s most influential companies.   342 more words


Yeni Nesil Bir Korku Oyunu



Creative Assambly denince akıllara ilk olarak strateji oyunları gelmektedir. Shogun ve Total War serileri ile akıllarda yer edinen İngiliz oyun firması bu kez alanından tamamen farklı bir oyun yapmaya hazırlanıyor. 177 more words