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The Art of Total War

My work on Total War Battles:Shogun and Rome2 have been published in an artbook! Joy :D.

The biggest surprise was finding my Rome2 Hanging Gardens concepts in there as I thought they were lost forever. 104 more words

Art Book

Join my clan!

Hey guys! I was just posting to tell you that my friends and I made a clan called (!Total War!), so I wanted to tell you to join! 13 more words

Clash Of Clans

Shogun 2

What is it all about?

Total War Shogun 2 is a turn based strategy game that incorporates realtime 3D battles where the player acts as the commander of the army that is being engaged. 655 more words


Total War: Rome II Electric Boogaloo... I mean Total War: Attila

So I haven’t really been following the build up to the new Total War game from Creative Assembly due to my simmering rage that still burns a year on from Rome 2’s shockingly awful release and follow-up overdose of DLC that stained the one time gate keeper to grand strategy. 890 more words


Day 13: The Nerdiest Kind of Peer Pressure

Hellooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I’m wondering whether I could start every post for the rest of the 30 Day Challenge with a different greeting. Challenge accepted! Next stop: foreign languages) 823 more words

30 Day Challenge