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Asymmetrical War and the Dying State

“Globalitarianism brings us back to the smallest common denominator: one individual equals Total War; and when I say one it could be ten as well … Just look at the World Trade Center, eleven men brought in twenty-eight hundred dead, just about as many as at Pearl Harbor, with its carriers, Japanese torpedo planes, etc. 15 more words


Total War: Rome 2 Emperor Edition Announced

Sega and Creative Assembly have announced Total War: Rome 2 Emperor Edition today. The new version of the game includes a new campaign based off the Second Triumvirate War and all of the previous content released so far for Rome 2. 80 more words


Napoleon Total War

Soy un verdadero amante de la historia, en especial la historia militar. Por eso, cada vez que sale un juego con detalle histórico, LO QUIERO. Así fue como descubrí la serie de Total War y desde ese entonces fue amor para siempre. 87 more words

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Total War: Rome II–Collectors Edition

What does a Roman history enthusiast, ancient coin collector and video game addict buy himself? Total War: Rome II of course!

I was playing the original Rome: Total War game the other evening and fancied trying the new one Rome II. 315 more words


50 MMOs in 50 Days #15: Earth Eternal

Last played: 2010
Experience: Very Minimal

I admit, I’m a sucker for extensive character creation options. One of the things that attracted me to Age of Conan was the fact that we had a strategy guide in the office at Beckett that detailed the game’s 12 classes – which made me all the more dismayed when I tried it and found that only four were available to free players. 363 more words

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[insert clever title here]

Today I bring a brief thought for the day, as well as news about what you will be reading here soon.

Video games are something I find enjoyable; however, I find it necessary to qualify that statement with a few added thoughts. 478 more words