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Battles Kingdom leads the charge of new Total War titles

The follow up to Total War Rome II, Total War Attila, looks a bit underwhelming to me. There are so many fantastic eras throughout history that could be used in a Total War title, and yet we are seeing something so similar to Rome II and its predecessor. 311 more words

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The Saga of Crusader Kings 2

Crusader Kings 2, released by Paradox Interactive in 2012, is a grand strategy game in which you choose a person, from count to king, and lead him and his descendants through the medieval era through wars, intrigue, and rivalries against hundreds of other in-game personalities. 637 more words

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Empire Total War: "Rise of Muscovy"

This is my most recent Total War campaign/let’s play series. I am still currently about 40% through, but I thought I would get this posted now. 108 more words

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Total War: Shogun 2 Playlist - Shimazu Long Campaign

This is the first of several playlists for my Video Game Let’s Plays that I do. They range from first person shoot to strategy. I for the most part will only be posting the strategy games (such as Total War, Combat Mission, etc). 85 more words

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Nothing Blue

The water has burned to vapor and the sky is orange. Redsun sits on top of the hill and speaks to us, and we bend over our ears and hearts to understand. 134 more words

Sega Announces 'Total War Battles: Kingdom' for PC, Mac and Tablets

Back in 2012 Sega released Total War Battles: Shogun [$1.99], a mobile spinoff of the long-running Total War series of strategy games from developer Creative Assembly. 77 more words

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New 'Total War: ATTILA' Trailer

A new trailer has surfaced for the upcoming Total War: ATTILLA. Viewers are treated to an incredibly cinematic view of the desert while a narrator describes how the desert never forgets what occurs and that despite the rise and fall of various empires, the desert remembers all. 125 more words