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Origins of free speech and the Cuba question

There is an impression, widely disseminated by supporters of the Obama administration, that renewing “diplomatic relations” and/or freer trade with Cuba (i.e., the lifting of the embargo) will lead to an improvement in the human rights situation there. 629 more words


South Africa Under Siege

This would be funny if it was not for its grave implications. A member of the “Economic Freedom Fighters” in the South African parliament calls the country’s sitting president Jacob Zuma “the greatest thief in the world”. 121 more words

Christopher Dawson, "The Claims of Politics," 1939

A transcription of the seminal article, Christopher Dawson, “The Claims of Politics,” SCRUTINY 8 (September 1939): 136-141.

The expansion of Politics from the narrow limits of utilitarian Liberalism to the all-embracing claims of the totalitarian com­munity-state has already had a revolutionary effect on Western civilization and may produce still greater changes in the future. 1,930 more words

The Proportionate Response to North Korea

You know, I thought about this for a while, and then the most obvious, most awesome answer hit me clearly.  I have a feeling our proportionate response should include a lot less data exfiltration and a lot more data infiltration. 189 more words

Information Technology

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“If there was hope it lays in the proles” Explain this quotation.

In the book, it was said that hope would be in the proles. Hope is the last resource that humanity may use in difficult times, when everything seems lost hope is the one who talks. 254 more words

What specifically is Orwell warning us against, and how does he achieve this?

What is dystopia? Dystopia is a place where the government, the laws, citizens and the life is a disaster, where there is no happiness, it is all the opposite of utopia, that is a perfect place to live. 241 more words