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Orwell's 1984 - The Real 'Back to the Future'

I’m not a conspiracy cuckoo but I am a realist. Some similarities between the modern world and the dystopian book ‘1984’ are uncanny and cannot be ignored. 409 more words


Interesting Perspective: An Orwellian America

“Orwellian” is an adjective describing the situation, idea, or societal condition that George Orwell identified as being destructive to the welfare of a free & open society. 1,332 more words


An invitation to Totalitarianism: Conscription = 'giving the government power to decide our moral obligations'

Map that shows which Countries have conscription. Green: Countries that don’t have any armed service. Blue: Countries that don’t have conscription. Orange 970 more words


How far apart are conservatives’ and liberals’ political beliefs? Can the two ideologies ever work together to run the country and produce bi-partisan legislation?

The core values of the liberals and conservative values are made up of a mixture of myths, traditions, interpretations of the Constitution, and views ingrained in respective cultural exposures.   778 more words

Conservative Views

Less freedom in Westminster’s Parliament Square than in Hong Kong


Less freedom in Westminster’s Parliament Square than in Hong Kong!!

Donnachadh McCarthy

19th October 2014

Donnachadh McCarthy went to Parliament Square yesterday to address a peaceful rally about the failings of British democracy.
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Greenpeace evil says a founder, Patrick Moore PhD

I would agree, since I do believe they are committed to a perverse and evil political system–socialism. 26 more words

Climate Change

Qatar & the US Host "Friends of Syria"'s (*) International War Conference against the Middle East Peace Pipe

Qatar & the US Host “Friends of Syria”‘s (*) International War Conference against the Middle East Peace Pipe. Place: Doha (Qatar) from 25 to 27 Oct 2014. 872 more words