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“ If there is hope it lies in the proles”

All the hope was deposited in the proles, because only there in those
swarming disregarded masses, 85% of the population of oceania , could
generate to destroy the party.  177 more words

George Orwell

What are your opinions of The Theory and Practice of Oligarchical Collectivism

I find it a bit confusing that this book, which explains the most inner purposes of the Party, was written by no other than O´Brien. This book could be seen as the manual for the perfect totalitarian regime. 221 more words

Big Brother

What is Newspeak? Find a short article of around 200 words and translate it into Newspeak. Post both the original and the Newspeak version.

Newspeak is the official language of Oceania, designed to make the ideological premises of Ingsoc the only expressible doctrine. Newspeak is engineered to remove even the possibility of rebellious thoughts—the words by which such thoughts might be articulated have been eliminated from the language. 318 more words

Big Brother

War is Peace, Liberty is slavery, and ignorance is strength. What do this phrases mean, it's contradictions? Rationalize them

Throughout the book 1984 we find some phrases that are like propaganda for the party one of its most know phrase is “War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery and Ignorance is Strength”. 218 more words

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