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The latest Harry Judd (McFly) pictures...

Never let it be said that I don’t know my demographic… ;)

Pictures are to celebrate Attitude Magazine‘s 20th birthday. Let’s all look forward to their 25th!


General Bumblings

Ma'am, Sir, and Nah

I was raised to respect my elders. Every woman heard, “yes, ma’am” or “no, ma’am” and every man heard “yes, sir” or “no, sir.” It was how my sisters and I were taught to respond when asked a question or how we finished our replies.

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Project Management Part II

Today I conducted the training I talked about in Part I. To say it was successful would be a lie, but to say my forethought and experience made it better than it could have been is exactly why I’m writing this. 

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Let me start by saying, yes that is my real menu and what’s for dinner at my house this month. (Feel free to use it if you want – just click on it to make it larger) With that said, there is a reason I use a menu like this (well, two actually): It allows me to see my carb/protein ratio and meat selections throughout the week and that helps me save money and eat right. 358 more words


The Gym Routine

So almost every weekday I wake up at 0430, pull my hair into a ponytail, drink 8 ounces of water, grab my gym bag, my purse, and my breakfast and walk out the door to head to the gym.

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Getting Ready to Move

After living abroad for seven years, we are starting the process of moving back to the US. This summer we are moving for the ninth time and so we have a system.

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Relationship: Those that Last, Those that Don't

All three of my children have experienced being broken up with (and their hearts broken – according to them.) To say this is avoidable is ignorant and, actually, setting up a heart for a bigger let down. 574 more words