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VIDEO: Look back at the remembering moments of 2014

Google created an awesome video reminding us of some of the key points of 2014 using the most popular kinds of searches. Check out the video below, courtesy of Google.



And when it’s real your question for love won’t bounce up and down..
25ยข bouncy ball
Your emotions will be caressed but only in the sense of him stroking everything you feel insecure about… 243 more words


Be aware.

Outside of my poetry.. I will like everyone to be aware of the suicide season. Around the Holidays most people feel alone and or feel like there is no other escape outside of killing themselves. 324 more words



Same girl won twice
Different love lives..
It’s taunting..
It’s sickening..
Can’t escape her no matter what
She makes it look so easy..
But has she truly won? 33 more words



No one ever told me when things went sour I’d feel like I wanted to jump in front of a train or pour acid on what hurts so I could feel the true meaning…
166 more words



This was your last chance..
And I know there’s more out there that would be afraid to hurt me..
Who wouldn’t hurt me..
Perfection isn’t something I expected out of you.. 245 more words


Cats and dogs meeting babies for the first time

It’s so cute when cats and dogs meet babies for the first time, isn’t it?