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Out of Touch

The bone of his shoulder

Woken up shaken

by saying “I’ve missed you”

in a nightmare

For dear kind music

that is rowdy and crowded and choral… 91 more words

I Should Have...

There’s enough time to think about our last weekend together. I suddenly remember a number of incidences where you might have shown me how you felt, but I didn’t really notice them at the time you did them. 574 more words

Man posts touching message for wife before being struck, killed by crashing plane

(CNN) — A Georgia man was killed and his daughter critically injured Sunday when an airplane struck them as they walked along a Florida beach. 274 more words


Sex without Orgasm?

I was reading an article on the high cost of an orgasm in the Daily Beast. You can read the article here, http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2014/06/28/porn-star-to-us-keep-your-pants-on.html .  A question was raised in regards to sex, would you continue to have sex if you knew you would not have an orgasm? 401 more words


Intimacy Not Outimacy


The word intimacy provokes a thousand thoughts.

The idea of skin on skin contact.

The idea of bodies moving with carnal intent.

Being close, too close, closer than you get with most people. 190 more words

The best... well certainly the most creepy comment we've ever had

I know I talked about the spam comments queue last week. I know I mocked the spam robots for their broken English and marvelled at their ability to create new greetings like: 177 more words