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Not so subliminal

Awaiting the day..
I’m laying on the bed waiting for my “Him” and I vow to make him feel like the center of the universe.. 193 more words


WATCH: Baby with ocular albinism able to see mom for the first time

A mother and her baby girl from Denver, Colorado are thanking a special pair of glasses for helping them see each other more clearly.

Baby Louise was born with the rarest form of albinism, which creates a lack of pigmentation in her hair, skin and eyes. 176 more words


We've got feelings...

How do you feel when you wake up in the morning?

Are you fully charged?

Are you wanted to sleep a little while?

Are you feel blessed that you are still alive and another great day to live? 452 more words


Worth it?

Is it worth holding on to that?
That anger
That hurt
That grudge
That hate
Is it worth it waking up the next day remembering to hold on to what intoxicates your body… 146 more words


Feeling really wordy...!

So this is not a poem.. (No twist to it)
First off.. I am appalled by how many followers I have gained over the year.. I always knew it’d be hard to gain followers who liked your thoughts or your way of writing and I am forever grateful for you all who check my blog on the daily especially those from around the world and different countries. 349 more words

Spoken Word