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Touchpad not working in Linux | Touchpad recognised as PS/2 Logitech wheel mouse

After weeks of research you just bought your new laptop. You go ahead and install linux. But then the touchpad does not work, so you decide to try a different linux, still it doesn’t work and Googling doesn’t seem to help. 181 more words


Differences in Dell Inspiron 1525 Touch Pad Mouse Buttons

Dell Inspiron 1525 OEM Mouse Buttons Board



Today I decided to fix my Dell Inspiron 1525 touch pad mouse buttons board.
Accidentally I discovered that exists two versions of these button boards with same part number. 146 more words

Kiekviena (ta Pati) Diena

How to write code for QTC hardware devices.

Part two of my series on CITEworld on how to write software for a touch interface device made using Quantum Tunneling Composite (QTC).


Pandora Internet Radio lands on Google Glass

Pandora Internet Radio is the latest service to bring its product over to the Google Glass world. The music streaming service’s Glassware app came out of their Hack-a-thon from earlier in the spring, Pandora says, and was good enough to share with Google and ship. 145 more words

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