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'Strange Magic' Flops, No Magic Needed!

So,that secret project from Lucasfilm that nobody knew about until like a month ago, Strange Magic, to nobody’s surprise, flopped at the weekend box office. 55 more words


How a White House visit turns into a touchstone moment

 by Mayette Timblaco-Geraldino

The first light of dawn was just breaking over the East River horizon when the Q train pulled above ground to traverse the two-decked Manhattan Bridge. 1,112 more words

The Inflection Point

Into the unknown - research begins

When I began my research for ‘The Noble Fool’, I chose As You Like It because it was one of my favourite plays. It’s a play I have been in twice and seen on stage five times (three of which were at the Royal Shakespeare Company).  232 more words


Hump Day Shakespearean Quote - 14 January 2015

For the date of my birth anniversary I choose to celebrate that most magnificent of Shakespearean creations, the Fool. Fools, or Clowns, in Shakespeare were usually the smartest characters on stage. 381 more words

Competition no. 238: results

John Brophy sets an unusual (and I am afraid, not howlingly successful) competition. He has been stung by an (unnamed) author writing that Greta Garbo is a “puppet” (this is actually a commonplace), and wants a reasoned and specific criticism of Garbo’s skills as an actress in the talkies. 197 more words

Ep. 62: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


Four teenaged turtles grow up in the sewers of New York. They’re taught martial arts by a giant rat. And a silent crime wave is sweeping the city. 24 more words


Week 3: "A Toon Killed His Brother" Postmodernism and Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

In the last of our three-week series looking at 1988 film Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, JANE POWER explores how the film fits into the postmodern canon. 1,676 more words