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How Serious Are You About Getting Better?

Bipolar, just like any other disease, must take precedence in your life for you to be able to attain stability. That is not to say that if you eat right, get enough sleep and take your medications properly, you won’t have any relapses. 718 more words


Oscillating Spirals

I used to think myself mad, the only one lost in these oscillating spirals of the mind. As time has passed I have come to realize that I am not alone and that most of us experience these cycles. 138 more words


A Pensive Evening

“This game we play is full of contrasts. It has to be. Being warm is much better if you have known what it is to be cold.

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Thoughtful Thursday

Tough Choices

Life is full of them.

But in the words of The Fray, “Sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing are the same.”

Stay focused…


In the name of All Of Those Things That You Never Had to Take in to Consideration Before

November 2014, Nyakibale: A 14 month old baby presents to us, incredibly sick. He fell on to a boiling pot of porridge two weeks ago, suffered burns and, a combination of minimal funds and local traditional healing, had been managed at home until his grandmother grew really worried – she had not seen him pass urine in 3 days. 1,172 more words

The only things that are important in life are the things that you remember

Years ago, when I was younger and more innocent and naive and sweet and firmer and perhaps an all around better person (i.e. a child) than I am today, I was the youngest writer in my MFA program and I stood before my colleagues in May in a hot stuffy classroom to defend my thesis. 1,149 more words


There is never a fork in the road.

In the free world, you have all the rights except the right to be unhappy. You have food, warmth and shelter. At most times you are safe from immediate death. 320 more words