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Ten Beach Road by Wendy Wax Out Now

What do you do when you are faced with financial ruin?  Three women are brought together by life because they sue the man who stole their money and they are given a third share in a house he owned.  362 more words

It's All Led Up to This

Tomorrow will be a big day for us. We have our appointment with Dr. M to discuss the next steps. So far as I know our clinic usually does 3 unmonitored IUI cycles (on clomid, using OPK’s to detect ovulation) and then will move onto 3 more with injectables and monitoring. 774 more words

Open Ocean Sailing With Young Children: What Do You Think?

Would you cross the Pacific with young children in tow? Were these parents living the dream or putting their children in unnecessary danger? Here is this week’s blog post for the Greeley Moms–thanks for reading and sharing if you choose!  8 more words


Pickles Gap

Dave left his downtown Fort Worth loft at 6am for the seven hour drive to Pickles Gap, Arkansas where his 84 year old father, Bruce lived on the old home place. 672 more words


The True Meaning of Leadership

How do you define leadership? What qualities do you look for in a strong leader? Some may define leadership as having the ability to overcome the most difficult challenges while motivating others to stay committed to the goal.   718 more words


Girl of Many Phases

Funny how I always get the motivation to write at the weirdest hours of the night; it’s almost 2a.m and if I don’t write I’ll explode or something. 1,166 more words

Good Guy

Tough Choices

Today I made a really tough decision.

I honestly have no idea if I did the right thing, but I guess I will not know until life plays out.  6 more words