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The Grass Really Isn't Greener On the Other Side Of The Fence

Or, How Did I Get Myself Into This Mess?!

(Warning, novel ahead, partly because I had to take Vicodin and am feeling very chatty.)

Some of you know the whole saga of S, my (our, since Cait was involved too) ex-partner. 2,225 more words


Something more than chicken burgers...

I happened to be at my wife’s office at lunchtime recently and we both decided to have lunch at this cool restaurant close to her office. 402 more words

The Way I See It

With his other hand busy holding a bulky array of shopping bags, a man decides he has no choice but to eat his chips with his face alone.

Creative Writing

Why I (kinda) did the Ice Bucket Challenge. And also why I came to Japan.

I thought being in Japan I was safe. I was wrong. About a week ago I was nominated for the Ice Bucket Challenge.

This of course put me in a moral dilemma: do I accept the challenge, and enter the messy world of debates about the ethics of fund-raising, water wasting, charity spending, and self publicising? 768 more words