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What I learned about choosing my college major

This month a year ago I was facing one of the most difficult decisions I would make in my life, I needed to decide what my college major would be. 508 more words


Gravity can crush you…

The following is excerpt is the beginning of my soon to be released book The Divide. Stay tuned for more excerpts and read more about the book… 148 more words


Perfect Day for a ?

Today we had perfect weather here in PA. Mid-50a this morning and upto high-70s this afternoon.

I made the choice early to ride rather than run and I do regret it a little. 113 more words



What sounds better to you? “she didn’t so much walk as glide, like a silken duchess,” or “like a silken countess?”

On the one hand, “silken duchess” flows better because the tongue doesn’t have to hit the brakes between words, but the word “countess” has a more elegant connotation. 13 more words



Today is supposed to be my day off. My plan was to get my oil changed, go to the beach, maybe catch up on tv. … 247 more words

Being Gay

Selective memory.

It’s a beautiful, not terribly humid, cloudless day in Queens. This means it’s probably twice as better in Brooklyn. Instead of getting up and going out and about, enjoying what young people of a certain age and predilection do on such days: preciously made coffee, preciously made food at Smorgasburg, preciously put together day drinking in Prospect Park, preciously selected cultural events such as Brooklyn Museum’s First Saturday, etc., I’m at home. 988 more words

Medical School

Positive surroundings

If others don’t like it, let them be.
HAPPINESS is a choice.
Life isn’t about pleasing everyone.

Ok let’s me real for a second… We have all heard all of the sayings about putting ourselves first and surrounding ourselves with positivity and we always say to ourselves ‘ya, I’m going to do that!’

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