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Emotional Intelligence: The Most Common Misconception for Contractors and Engineers

I teach emotional intelligence to technical people, mostly contractors and engineers.  And the most common misconception is the basic definition of emotional intelligence.  Most folks in construction think that it is about being nice.   297 more words

Emotional Intelligence

Tough Guise

So like my last post, I’m going to do a response post on a documentary called, Tough Guise. Throughout the documentary, the term ‘masculinity’  was something interesting I got insight of- that was that young men don’t see masculinity as natural but more of a performance. 271 more words

______ This! Baffling Boy Behavior

I know I’ve been refrencing Breaking Bad a lot lately (sorry, I’m always slow to the cool shows) but I can’t help it – this show gives me a lot to think about. 199 more words

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Mike Dunleavy Has Something To Say About That Whole NBA/NHL Toughness Debate

On Wednesday, our pals at Deadspin ran a piece about how the people behind memes that compare injured players from different sports are idiots, because calling Rich Peverley tough for almost dying on the bench and then wanting to get back into the game in state of confusion has nothing to do with LeBron James having to be helped off the court after a leg cramp. 218 more words


I Believe Lee Marvin Coulda Kicked my Ass

Something has changed.  Either I am outgrowing action movies and/or becoming a cranky Pat Hingle character, or modern action stars just don’t get it done. 282 more words

Martial Arts

Meditation, Part 4: Meditation with Sound

OK,  check out past blogs for meditation through breathing and counting, and visual meditation.  Now here’s a meditation with sound.  Check out this sound.  It’s the sound of OM, the sound that the universe makes.   95 more words

Emotional Intelligence