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I only ever fall in love with girls who work in these places to be honest

I only ever fall in love with girls who work in these places, to be honest. Like Toulouse-Lautrec, I live my life in brothels and dancehalls, looking for love in all the wrong places. 313 more words

Toulouse the integrity of one's hamstring Rubbish Day

I woke up feeling a bit dancey this morning despite the fact that the rubbish collectors didn’t arrive on Wednesday and the fact that I can now actually smell the bins from a good 20 metres away. 163 more words


tight-rope dancer

(Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Danseuse de Corde)
(100 flash) 

She throws new stars into the sky each day to follow. She tiptoes on the edge of things. 82 more words

The Not So Belle Époque: personal ads, la zone and La Goulue

The exhibition Paris 1900, the City of entertainment has opened its doors to the public at Le Petit Palais. An iconic Toulouse-Lautrec image is used as the face of the exhibition. 878 more words

L'Echo De Paris

The legacy of Toulouse-Lautrec

I would be impossible to have this blog and not post his works.

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