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Fires of the Season

Walking out for a forbidden cigarette I take a turn around the lot and notice the neighbor’s overgrown oleanders are in full fall bloom, while the seed pods of the adjacent Chinese lanterns have withered to a color somewhere between grocery bag and old parchment (and just as fragile could I reach them): the same old story–the one the crow knows–of the turning of the wheel. 768 more words

Toulouse Street

If this is the corner I've painted myself into

…think only this of me

That one more cheap camera
has shattered
against the world’s beauty.

— Everette Maddox

Toulouse Street

Odd Words

“What I really wanted to be was Jim Morrison. However, if I weren’t a writer, I’d be dead.” — Luis Alberto Urea, tomorrow night at Loyola.

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Toulouse Street

Give me

your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free so that we may burn them.

I have bills to pay and you, Mr. and Mrs. 59 more words

Toulouse Street

About Silence

From Jack Spicer’s “Imaginary Eligies II.”

The poet builds a castle on the moon
Made of dead skin and glass. Here marvelous machines
Stamp Chinese fortune cookies full of love. 74 more words

Toulouse Street

Odd Words

This week in literary New Orleans, including the 5th Annual New Orleans Book Festival, brought to you this year not by any of the local, independent books stores but by… 3,107 more words

Toulouse Street

This light, this flame that devours

Llagas de amor

Esta luz, este fuego que devora.
Este paisaje gris que me rodea.
Este dolor por una sola idea.
Esta angustia de cielo, mundo y hora. 181 more words

Toulouse Street