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Books I'm Grateful I Read Giveaway Hop

I don’t know that there is just one book that I’m grateful

that I’ve read. I am grateful for every book that I’ve read and because… 551 more words


Avrupa'nın En Güzel 10 Köyü


Ben her zaman diyorum; ilerde gideceğim yerleri not ederim ve kafama koyduysam mutlaka oraya gideceğim. İşte o yerlerden bazılarını sizlerle paylaşmak istedim. Avrupa’da En Güzel 10 Köy… 62 more words

Dünyanın En Güzel Villaları

"The Voice" Winner Is "Pippin"

The Voice winner Josh Kaufman is about to find his “Corner of the Sky” and if you saw the attached photo, you’d see why the internet is furious. 213 more words

New "Newsies" Song!!!

There’s another reason to catch Newsies as they carry the banner across the country- Crutchie has a new song!!! It seems we have another song to obsess over- “Letter From the Refugee.” Okay, so maybe not the most exciting title but it’s a song by Alan Menken none the less!!! 105 more words

10 Reasons to Visit Cuba Now!!

The question shouldn’t be ‘why go to Cuba?’, moreover it should be ‘why haven’t I gone yet?’

With rumba rhythms calling from every neighbourhood, Caribbean cocktails flowing from hidden backstreets and smiling locals puffing on giant cigars, even the palms appear to be swaying a salsa beats to tempt you in. 1,571 more words

Around Round The World

Long lines at the Blaisdell for Elton John tickets

Lots of people are eager to see Elton John when he returns to Honolulu next year.

A long line snaked through the Blaisdell complex when tickets went on sale to the general public at 10 a.m. 150 more words


Mekong Delta Life #5

People live and sell on the same boat during the early morning river market.