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Sanctum 2 review

As they released the the Sanctum 2 I wasn’t so excited as I should have been. The basic game is still the same, build towers and kill enemys before they get to your core. 227 more words


Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare Review (Xbox One)

Written by The Disc

How do you expand upon a hugely popular tower defence game available on almost every gaming format currently available? Make a mainly multi-player first-person shooter! 524 more words

The Disc

Orcs Must Die! Unchained Revealed

Killing orcs is fun, but what if you want to kill the heroes? In PvP? Gameforge is all over it.


Infested Planet

The debut release from Rocket Bear Games, Infested Planet is not a traditional strategy game. It’s not a real time strategy nor is it a turn based one. 448 more words


Boats, Bases and Balloons all feature in Unigine's new real time strategy game Oil Rush

POST-apocalyptic worlds seem to have become the ‘in’ thing for many modern games, if the world isn’t already buggered it’s about to be buggered or in the process of being buggered, Unigine’s new game Oil Rush is no exception. 941 more words