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Bragtoberfest: Tower Defence Quickies

The refreshing thing about Bragtoberfest has been the opportunity to play a broader spectrum of games than the habitual rut I’ve fallen into – where I cycle between dailies in GW2, dailies in Path of Exile and then spend the rest of the night in Minecraft with no real idea of what to do next but jetpack around like a bee and dip a toe into the next branch of things-to-do, only to discover that it’s a lot more complex than one bargained for. 497 more words


Update #1

Hi All,

Me and my team are a new indie team and we are working on the early development stages of a new tower defence game, which will be using the unreal technology. 30 more words

Indie Studios

Alien Creeps Review

(Reviewed on iPad)

Diamond in the Rough

Alien Creeps is a fast-paced, action-packed tower defence game from developer Outplay Entertainment, which puts you in charge of defending your base from a cute but deadly invading alien race. 2,190 more words


Kongregate: Sharing Some of my Favourite Games

Kongregate is my go-to site whenever I have time to waste or if I want to check out what smaller game developers are working on.  Often, free online gaming sites can mirror or predict a lot of trends found in mobile gaming. 707 more words