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Post-work/pre-work reflection: "the in-between."

Leaving a job is hard. And when said-job involves building and maintaining relationships, investing in people’s lives (and them in yours), and working around delicate situations where vulnerability and trust are rampant and inherent, leaving a job is actually horrifying and alarming. 1,338 more words

Be Better

twenty-second summer

I was talking a mile a minute about myself, about my passions and my beliefs and that girl who lives deep in my heart, when the words spilled from my mouth before I even realized that I had thought them: 849 more words


Gold Medalist - Townie by Andre Dubus III

There is violence in our world. For some of us, we can turn a blind eye and pretend it isn’t there. But that does not mean it is gone. 92 more words

Reading And Writing

The Ultimate Second Date Tip for Writers

The evening is concluding. You’ve wined. You’ve dined. You’re interested in a second date. Maybe. But how do you bring up the topic without feeling awkward. 180 more words