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Wanting to write, but...

I have this urge in me to write but for some reason I can’t settle to do that. I have lots of excuses, like the most painful sciatica for the past fortnight and being tired after work and being busy painting and all the gardening that needs doing at the end of the wet and ….. 155 more words

Townsville, 17th April 2002

ALEX: And then there was light. And we saw that it was good. Fuckin’ hot actually, but we weren’t complaining, after almost a week of English weather. 118 more words

Townsville, 16th April 2002

MEGS: Well Townsville, mmm. Reminds me of Eerie Indiana town – not many people around – shops, cafes, etc all seem to be stuck in olden times.although the place has nightclubs, bars and a cinema?! 63 more words

The summer night was giving in to the lure of Autumn's sway.

Job and friends are the two main things that have happened since my last post.
Let’s start with my job. The original one I had when I first arrived, the position I moved all the way up here for, didn’t work out. 508 more words

Townsville, April 15th 2002

MEGS: A sleepless night was had, coz I didn’t think we would hear the alarm (it being a watch) so up at 6.40 and ready to get on the big green bus. 207 more words

Airlie Beach, 14th April 2002

MEGS: Again, on/off with the weather. Last trip down to Airlie town, chillin’ in pm. Getting ready for journey onwards…
ALEX: Every day is starting to feel like a Sunday, so its good to move on and “work” on a new area. 19 more words

Panoramic View

Magnetic Island from Castle Hill
By Gabrielle Ahern