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Australian Fauna

The wildlife in Australia is often regarded as being dangerous yet exotic. I can definitely say it is different to that of Europe but the likelihood of an encounter with something dangerous is extremely low. 356 more words


The First Two Months in Australia

In the two months I have been in Australia I have learnt and experienced a lot. I spent the first part adjusting in Sydney and then had a brief trip up north to experience the warmer climate in Brisbane and Townsville before then returning south to work. 264 more words


becky + deon

This stunning wedding was held at a touch of salt townsville.  the ceremony took place behind the restaurant, overlooking the water, and the reception was held inside the restaurant.   78 more words


the haller family

A couple of weeks ago i had the privilege of photographing some great friends of mine.  we had been talking about doing this photo shoot for 2 years, and i am so glad we finally did it!   36 more words


The problem with economic development agencies such as Townsville Enterprise & Brisbane Marketing

It can be very stressful to be responsible for outcomes over which you have very little control. This is the predicament faced by economic development agencies such as Townsville Enterprise and Brisbane Marketing. 351 more words


Can't We Just Be Happy | Chapter 22 Late Night…Early Morning Chat

Author’s Note: I owe everyone an apology. The last chapter was posted out of order. If you didn’t notice, no worries. The chapter numbers have been updated and I apologize again. 3,649 more words

Sweet & Simple

Overtraining and Recovery

I love to train. I love the feeling of taking something heavy off the ground and getting it over head and I love the feeling of doing something for the first time that was once so far off in the distance it didn’t seem possible. 396 more words