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Toxic Sugar

In only a few decades there are now more obese people on the planet than there are undernourished.

And when it comes to getting fat, we’ve believed it’s as simple as ‘calories in’ versus ‘calories out’. 133 more words


Toxic Sugar?

Giving up sugar is just another fad diet… right?
I mean, we have seen trends over the years that promote low fat, high fat, low carb, high carb, high protein, cabbage soup, lemon detox… the list goes on. 99 more words


Sugar and Obesity

Sugar is at the root of our obesity crisis. It is added to so many things, even in brown bread and ‘low fat’ Weightwatchers yoghurts and sport drinks. 166 more words


From 136 to 132- It's Progress!

So, it’s not a lot. But it’s a lot in a relatively short time. Two -and-a-half weeks I believe. I like that. Today started with Shakeology, into which I mixed fresh raspberries and just half a banana. 35 more words

Low Carb Eating For LIFE