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Snopes on Wheat & Glyphosate Toxicity

Shortly after the HomeEconomist blog (The real reason wheat is toxic) on glyphosate went viral, this Snopes comment was published: http://www.snopes.com/food/tainted/roundupwheat.asp
I’ve replied to the HomeEconomist but The Snopes comment also needs a reply, so here goes: 688 more words



We’ve had a terrible time getting cows bred since we moved to our new place 4 years ago. We had a hard time before but that was because we were AIing and had to watch closely for heat. 241 more words


Why You Are Deficient in Vitamin D and Don't Know It

It is autumn. The days are getting shorter. Trees are shedding their leaves, preparing for the cold months. As the temperature takes a dive, we like to spend more time indoors enjoying a cup of coffee or tea. 465 more words


Half-arsing your way to cancer healing

The title has very sarcastic undertones with a stark message, don’t even think there is an element of truth in the wording.

When someone is diagnosed with cancer, trust me, in our family it’s a normal event now, the person goes into a morbid mindset. 2,348 more words


Why I buy organic

It’s an argument I’ve had with many skeptical friends… “Why waste your money, Organic is a money-making farse”

For a while I had no idea what organic even meant. 1,022 more words


Imagine that.

TO: Clearing the mind..

In a world where everything is finely intertwined, yet at times so oblivious to the naked eye it is, I find myself once more at the end of moment in time catching my breath- exhaling… 134 more words

Quick Outlet.

Why I avoid tinned foods

When I embarked on my journey of a healthier future I had no idea just how much I’d have to change and learn!

One of the things I learned pretty early on, was to avoid canned foods. 1,042 more words