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Why I Go Into Hiding During Feminist Storms

Please pardon my unusually long absence – I’ve been so busy geeking out for the past couple of months that I couldn’t find time to blog (Well, that and my life just got super crazy, but I’ll save that for another day, another post). 1,746 more words


Toxicity 31

By Glen

For one glorious night this week, The Airborne Toxic Event stormed back onto center stage. That could be the last we see of them for awhile, but summer festival season is just around the corner… 728 more words

Airborne Toxic Event

love tip #9: the dreaded Black Walnut

It happened to me.  Yes, even me.  I went out last week and planted a blackberry bare-root in the yard and was just about to go out and add a blueberry to the that ‘perfect’ location when … when … I found the evidence.  257 more words

Love Tips

Everyone is Mercury Toxic

Mercury is among the most toxic elements known. It is also the most common heavy metal on the earth today with most people being mercury toxic. How to remove it?


The Toxicity Of Competition

A friend once told me, “You’re always going to be unhappy if you constantly compare yourself to others.”

At the time, I was a second semester senior in high school, and college decisions — the end goal for which my classmates and I had worked (some more tirelessly than others) — were rolling in with the spring months, after four long years. 1,565 more words