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What Is Propylene Glycol Doing In Your Moisturiser?

Propylene Glycol: Hidden Chemical In Your Food and Skincare.

I learned about Propylene Glycol a while back, and I made a conscious decision to avoid it at all costs. 46 more words


Negativity in Gaming Discussions

This might be a stretch for my first blog post,but I will try to my best as nothing is easy at first glance.
Why do gaming discussion devolve into a war zone?The root of the problem might be the way gaming culture grew,I mean let’s be honest,being a gamer wasn’t the norm back in the day.I might not be entitled to talk about this,being younger of age,I got into gaming nearer to the time when playing games became this global accepted hobby.My point is at the start of gaming,there already was tension,gamers were in a way forced to stay hidden or be on the defensive side which might be a cause of anger.In a way we are fans of gaming as a hobby and being a fan of any piece of media may lead to a defensive mode again,which maybe doubles the negativity and makes us more susceptible to these kind of acts. 453 more words


Toxicity 43

By Glen

Is it just me, or is 20 days an awfully small number? Hell, I was at the grocery store yesterday, and I could have bought milk that won’t expire till after The Airborne Toxic Event’s Fillmore residency starts. 1,313 more words

Airborne Toxic Event

The Toxicity of Comparison: Sorority Edition

The smell of hairspray fills the college dormitory rooms. Colored shorts are pressed. Heels are shined. Women perfect their elevator speeches nervously in front of their mirrors. 426 more words


An introduction into the blog of Toxicity...

Let me begin this blog off by by first saying..
      “Hello, and welcome to my page!”
Im Toxicity… if at first this isnt obvious.
I am a… 246 more words


New food packaging could be toxic and should be regulated, says Friends of the Earth

Sydney Morning Herald, August 27, 2014  Esther Han

New packaging technology created to improve the shelf life of food is potentially toxic and should be regulated, an environmental group has warned. 12 more words

Environmental Toxicology

Castor Bean | Growing Taller | Update 1

Update: August 25, 2014

The castor bean plant is now over 7 feet tall. This picture is from the same spot as one take in the previous post two weeks ago. 340 more words