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Song of the Day - System of a Down's "Aerials"

~ Life is a waterfall
we’re one in the river
and one again after the fall  ~

Toxicity is one of the greatest alternative metal albums of all time by rock band  68 more words

Song Of The Day


I’m like a broken record. Or whatever today’s equivalent simile is. When the person that you want to tell every moment of your day to and do everything with because you two just mesh, decides to have a personality transformation into this super passive, selfish, whining, bitch there’s barely any hope to save the relationship. 207 more words

Vitamin & Supplement Addiction

Most of us are encouraged to take a multivitamin.  In most cases we are eager to simply pop a pill such as a multivitamin or other supplements either at random or to self diagnose what we believe to be lacking nutritionally, without consulting a medical professional.   351 more words


This is the last day of our month on Justice. And today we are concentrating on noise pollution. The noise pollution is not from the outside. 292 more words

Sandy Rodgers

the figure in the carpet.

i moved on monday! (it is now wednesday.) there wasn’t too much broken glass. the porthole windows are even dreamier than i remembered. especially wonderful at night—the glow from the street comes through and shines glowing dreamy shadows of the windows on the walls. 343 more words

Anyone heard of Dr. Emoto's water experiment?

It’s fascinating !

He was a Japanese scientist who sampled different sources of water from around the world.  After freezing the molecules from each source, he then viewed them under a microscope.  255 more words

As the Government Shutdown Ends, the EPA Returns to Portland's Superfund Sites

Original publish date: October 17, 2013

Today congress approved a bill that would send government workers back to their jobs. NPR reports that in a 285-114 vote, the House of Representatives agreed to a Senate deal that would end the 16-day stand-off, allowing Federal employees – including the 96% of… 299 more words