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The real story behind Stinky Pete and Lotso

As much as I was overjoyed to see Toy Story 3 in cinemas when it was released in 2010, I was disappointed. Not with Andy giving away the toys, not with the film’s story being too similar to Toy Story 2, but my own personal disappointment that my villain theory was incorrect. 1,103 more words


Going Green

“We attack the Army Men camp at nightfall. They will never be able to see through our disguises.”

What was your favourite toy growing up?


The Secret to Telling Inspiring Stories (A Lesson From Pixar)

This post originally appeared as a guest post for Bryan Hutchinson at his blog, PositiveWriter.com, in October 2013. You can check out his inspirational writing  830 more words


Bechdel Test

Think of a film, any film and then ask yourself these  three simple questions:

1. Does the film have two or more named characters?

2. Do the characters talk to one another? 274 more words


Sequels: Better or Worse?

There have been many awesome movies, but many times, it’s the sequels that get people talking.

This post will be my opinion on why people think this way. 742 more words


The ESTJ: Woody

ESTJs are take-charge kind of people. They are natural leaders, with a clear vision of how things should be and easily step into positions responsibility one spurred boot at a time. 663 more words