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July 25 (Dalek Day 206/365)

There’s no doubt about it – the Daleks really look forward to the end of the work week.  Tonight they got the disco lights going and just had a ball — each! 20 more words


July 24 (Dalek Day 205/365)

I could sense when I got home from work tonight that one of the Daleks was going to be a handful.  Somehow it had found its way into the pantry and it was well and truly on a sugar high. 20 more words


Green Toys Ferry Boat with Mini Cars Bathtub Toy, Blue/White

Green Toys Ferry Boat Whether in the bath, at the pool, or by the ocean, the Green Toys Ferry Boat offers imaginative, eco friendly fun. This sturdy, colorful toy is constructed entirely from recycled plastic. 402 more words

July 23 (Dalek Day 204/365)

The blue Dalek was excited at the thought of recruiting keys to be their allies – after all, look at all of those teeth.  But the bronze Dalek was less convinced.   49 more words


July 21 (Dalek Day 202/365)

All was quiet in the Dalek’s lair this morning – a little too quiet.  After the failure of their recent plans, I was concerned that they might be feverishly working on their next dastardly scheme, so I went and checked on them.   54 more words


July 20 (Dalek Day 201/365)

The bronze Dalek was a bit concerned about the experiment that the blue Dalek was about to start.  “Are you sure you want to test all of this fermented grain?   43 more words


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