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November 20 (Dalek Day 324/365)

The Daleks said they had some knowledge that they wanted to impart to me tonight.  “Did you hear about the two silk worms who had a race? 28 more words


November 19 (Dalek 323/365)

The Daleks struggled to make sense of the scene that was in front of them.  “No doubt it,” one of them exclaimed, “this is quite the corn-undrum.” 20 more words


November 18 (Dalek Day 322/365)

The Daleks were being very industrious in the basement tonight, and boy, were they pleased with their activities.    “Nailed it!,” they chortled.

Click on photo to see larger image… 9 more words


November 16 (Dalek Day 320/365)

Once again the Daleks were puzzled by human behavior.  “Why do people go all the way to the top of tall buildings only to use binoculars to look at things on the ground?’ 33 more words


Turn the powdered milk can into a toddler toy !

Turn the powdered milk can cap into a toddler toy !

This is a idea with the simple way and clever . I sure you never thought it… 60 more words


Animation of the Day: French 3rd Regiment Miniature from the Virginia War Memorial

by Bernard K. Means, Director of the Virtual Curation Laboratory

Today’s animation is a miniature representing a French 3rd Regiment soldier from the Napoleonic Wars. Virginia Commonwealth University undergraduate student Chelsea Miller brought this figurine to the Virtual Curation Laboratory from the… 38 more words

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