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Engineering Wealth

To date, I’ve talked a lot about personal finance, and very little about engineering. Time to balance the scales. I am engineer. I’m an engineer at heart. 364 more words

Arvanitis Group

Toyota Training – Gemba Experience is Essential to Learning

So in the first article about out visit to the Toyota Training centre, we had literally on just set foot in the dojo and as we walked towards the open plan, factory style facility we could hear a group of Toyota employees being put through safety training. 434 more words

Lean Thinking

The Road To Lean

An old TV series I watched recently reminded me of an experience I have had many times in my work. In this I Love Lucy… 407 more words

Old Lean Dude

Toyota’s True Mission - Developing People First

Whilst touring the Toyota Technology Museum in Nagoya, I spotted this display explaining Toyota’s emphasis on putting people first and Gemba philosophy. We hear time and time again that it’s vitally important for any organisation to focus on the right things to drive business forward in these tough times. 175 more words

Lean Thinking

Scaling Up Excellence, The Toyota Way

So – if Scaling Up Excellence is a manual about how to create a ‘relentless restlessness’ that drives customer-centric innovation, where does that leave The Toyota Way… 1,055 more words

From TOM To Reality

The Tried-And-True Model for Building Employee Engagement

I love people and business.  You probably realize this, based on the fact that I formed a consulting firm to help build manufacturing performance using a blended data-driven and people-focused approach.  1,272 more words

Employee Engagement

Ohno learns Flow Principles

Taiichi Ohno had a long history of learning by doing, starting in 1932 with his joining Toyoda Spinning and Weaving, then moving to Toyota Motor Manufacturing in 1943, then the reorganization of Toyota about 1951 and the addition of the TWI programs. 339 more words