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Postcard from Middlemore - I-Coffee?

With the spring finally showing it’s face and a hint of summer on it’s way I’m enjoyiong three good things at the moment.

The first good thing is an increase in Auckland based engagements for yours truly, which cuts down on travel and long days on the road. 51 more words

Lean Thinking

Deep cultural connection: Respect for people + patient safety

Having served as CEO of one of the world’s largest corporations (Alcoa), and as Secretary of the Treasury of the United States, Paul O’Neill knows something about leadership. 1,375 more words


Lord Admiral Nelson was a Gemba Guy

Nelson by Lemuel Francis Abbot

In this blog I reflect on something I saw on a history programme charting the 2,000 years of British history from Roman times to modern day. 378 more words

Lean Thinking

Dreams of Lean

In 1926, Sakichi Toyoda founded Toyoda Automatic Loom Works. It was he, who invented the principle of jidoka, which later became one of the cornerstone principles of The Toyota Production System (TPS). 3,266 more words

Subliminal Marketing Coffee Style

The other day I was running a workshop at a venue which had a coffee shop as part of the function room facilities.

Having return to the fold so to speak, I now imbibe the occasional flat white, after a 15 year abstinence. 53 more words

Lean Thinking

The Toyota Way -Beyond Manufacturing Excellence, A way of Life for Organizations and Individuals

As a budding Supply Chain Professional, I am into practice of identifying and covering all the best Supply Chain Texts written over a period of time, which not only reflects some intriguing concept but also stood the test of time. 2,637 more words

Builder with Visual Sense of Humour

I think Mt Eden attracts people that like to manage visually as now I have the builder across the road getting in on the act! 63 more words