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A Cowabunga Ranking Of The Best 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' Toys Ever Made

When I was a kid way back in the pre-Internet Stone Age of 1988, I received about $5 a week in allowance. That wasn’t a lot of money, at least not compared to some of my friends, but I still made the best of every Abraham Lincoln that I received each week, and I don’t mean that I put the money into a savings account so I could collect a small amount of interest and eventually buy myself a car or something equally important. 2,340 more words


Why Gender Equality Still Isn't Easy

I’m back in the homeland for the holidays and driven by boredom yesterday, a friend and I ventured into a toy shop (it’s not that silly considering we both work with children). 448 more words


Spotted in Ottawa: Power Rangers Super Megaforce Wave 5

Wave 5 of Bandai’s 5″ Power Rangers Super Megaforce have been spotted in Ottawa. This is an interesting find, as most online retailers have the release date for this wave as late August 2014. 84 more words

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Thoughts on amiibo

During this year’s E3, Nintendo announced it was going to enter the wacky world of near-field communication (NFC) collectibles with their new line of amiibo… 692 more words

River Who?

Is it obvious what my favorite show is? I am ready for anything with my trusty sonic screwdriver, in my new Lego Who hoodie. This Owlsome hoodie was a recent VIP Group Gift from… 77 more words

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