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Friday is Forever

Whaaaat’s up guys! Since I have been doing nothing but school (and PSO2) these few days, I’ve decided to write about my times in school because I wanna upload all these overdue pictures. 1,119 more words


UNMC Lake: Total Phosphorus Analysis

Hello again! Today, the UNMC Lake Project Team will be introducing you to the Total Phosphorus (TP) analysis carried out by our team member, Doris. 291 more words


Rule #1: Always Carry TP

I embraced this rule very quickly on this trip. Actually, within the first hour of being in Rwanda (story to come).

This will forever and always be a rule when I travel. 323 more words


get it? get it? it’s super classy.

Happy happy happy happy thursday!!!!

Friendships, Magic, and Love.

I had a conversation via text the other day…
(Shocking I know!)
It was an every day, ordinary conversation…
(Well… as ordinary as a conversation CAN be when shenanigans are being plotted.) 475 more words

Ice Skating @ Kallang Ice World ❄︎

12 July 2014

Thought of blogging about this day since its still quite fresh in my memory and because i know that i will forget a lot of things / the little details after a while…. 2,127 more words


Things I didn't know about school

It’s been awhile since I’d written about school and what better way than to start with what I don’t know about it?

Well, besides studies, that is. 985 more words