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Fiction Fragment Fridays: What Will You Write? Ed. 5

The most recent “What Will You Write?” over at I Read Encyclopedias was put on hold shortly after being announced to allow for the fact that a lot of people are pretty busy during the month of July with things like Camp NaNo. 757 more words

Tracey Lynn Tobin Writer

Blogging 101, Day Eighteen: Plug into Social Networks

There’s no doubt about it…particular sites may come and go, but social networking is here to stay, and it can be a very useful tool for accessing new readers. 314 more words

Tracey Lynn Tobin Writer

Accountability Wednesdays: Week 29

Please believe me when I tell you that I haven’t been this exhausted in a long time, and since I’m tired most of the time anyway, that’s really saying something. 480 more words


Blogging 101, Day Seventeen: Increasing Your Commenting Confidence

What do bloggers crave? Recognition. Bloggers want to know that someone is reading what they’re writing.

What is the best way to show bloggers that you’re reading what they’re writing? 301 more words

Tracey Lynn Tobin Writer

The 21 Steps of Death

It may be a difficult thing to remember when you’re older and the genuine fears of the real world are always somewhere in the back of your mind, but it’s been well-studied that humans enjoy being scared. 778 more words


(Non-)Fiction Fragment Fridays: The 5-Year Diary

I thought I’d do something a little different today, so this is the first ever NON-Fiction Fragment Friday. Aren’t I just so clever?

A while back a fellow blogger (apologies, but I can’t recall who it was) mentioned a little “journal” called the “ 253 more words


Blogging 101, Day Sixteen: Making a Prompt Personal

Prompts can be a blogger’s best friend. When you’ve found yourself with a monster case of writer’s block and it seems as though there is simply nothing worth saying, doing a quick search for some prompts can save your blog’s posting schedule. 449 more words

Tracey Lynn Tobin Writer