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Collapsed Trachea in Dogs

It is important to remember that dogs with a collapsed trachea should wear a HARNESS and NOT a Collar.


Doesn't Mean You Die Even When You Decide To

HOLY MOLY!!!! Sigh. Ok, I feel that since I started it, I need to continue with it. Right? I mean, it is not my intention to make my blog all about death, but since I asked for love and support, I think it is only fair that I give you all an update. 1,067 more words


Upper Respiratory Tract Infection

This week is respiratory week for my pbl and one of my learning targets is to search up all these micro-orgs that could cause a upper respiratory tract infection. 131 more words

Last Night

I found a body
among the dirty dishes
on my diningroom table.
He was stiff
on his back
and his feet stood
perpendicular to his supine posture. 135 more words