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jsDraw2D - a Graphics Library for Javascript: An Online Curve Creater

This is something I just discovered, so the example discussed here, which I just did over the past weekend, is a project still in the making. 1,588 more words

Mozzila Lightbeam - Firefox tool shows who is tracking your online movements

Mozilla, the open-source software community responsible for the Firefox browser, has released a new download that allows users to identify who’s tracking their Internet movements. 242 more words


Using ORACLE Log Miner

This post is going to be a very basic tutorial on using logminer. As well as being used to recovery from logical Corruptions (user error!) Logminer can be used for data auditing and analysis. 983 more words


Memulai Langkah Baru, Custom Gundam

Ya … ini terjadi dan mulai meracuni setelah meilhat-lihat web http://www.gundamkitscollection.com

Ngiler euy lihat custom Gundam-nya … :D Jadi saya pengen coba nge-custom Gundam juga, dimulai dengan ngecat si Gundam. 76 more words


Create a pattern: Tracing Wheel

We all have that worn piece of clothing that we can’t throw away despite the fact that it’s only hanging on by a single strand of thread, right? 720 more words


Another one...

Since I was given a few hand me down swimsuits to use for my son. (from a couple of my cousins) My son now has 5 swimsuits 3 which he can actually wear because the others are too big. 79 more words


Trace your world!

Sometimes the simplest of activities lend the most joy and provide incredible understanding of our world!

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