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Three day bender

This weekend I did not eat well. Like, at all.

I feel like weddings are allowed to be right-offs, but then today I followed it up with a hung over bbq at  my parent’s house. 83 more words

The Last 10 Pounds.

Google Is Sharing My Secret Website Hits

We know the internet is tracking everything we look at; this is not new information! Even Facebook has ads showing what you just searched for and even what you just talked about in your status update. 227 more words


ipfilterXB83 : Codename Aslaug

>Date 25/07/2014


>New Menaces Blocked : 71


>Parsed lines/entries:11K Found IP ranges:11K Duplicate:0 Merged:0 Time:0 secs

>IP Count : 584k… 79 more words

Energy tracking project results, part 2: data dump harder

For the first post in the energy tracking project results, please see this post.

In the last post, I provided a quick recap of my energy tracking project and provided the raw data for the first two states I’d tracked. 359 more words


New Habits

A few weeks ago, my boyfriend asked me what I planned to do, in regards to tracking, when I am at my goal weight. It’s been on my mind for a while and I’ve had some (good) realizations over the last couple weeks. 266 more words

Smartphone app Human draws maps of urban movement

The creators of activity tracking app Human have visualised the routes taken by its users to create moving maps that show the world’s cities throughout the day:



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Expense Tracking: It Will Save Your Business

Budgeting, expense and income tracking is something that many people feel powerless about. They imagine that it means collecting and carrying their receipts, recording them to notebooks, and spending hours on calculations.To the delight of many of us, those times are long-gone, and the only reason why you could be doing that is if you wanted to be hip or retro. 112 more words