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Related News: Facebook launches friend-tracking feature

One new article link has been added to our Related News page. CNN published an article titled Facebook launches friend-tracking feature.

Facebook is introducing a mobile feature called Nearby Friends that taps into that steady stream of location information so friends can track each other in real time. 128 more words

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Food/Budget Journal - 4/23

My totals today are 1181 calories with a spend of $4.24. I think this is my lowest to date (aside from when a meal out was paid for by another).   202 more words


The Power of Goals and Progress Tracking

After the Boston Marathon on Monday, the New York Times has a thought provoking analysis of marathon finish times. Theoretically, marathon finish times should be relatively evenly distributed around a mean. 496 more words


Week Four, Day Three

On the schedule today it says to either take a rest day or do an easy run/walk.  I seriously contemplated taking an actual rest day because my legs are tired, but I’ve grown accustomed to burning calories and enjoying a little more freedom in my eating.   686 more words

Automate Your Marketing

What if there was something you could do to make marketing for your business easier? Marketing planning and implementation doesn’t have to be a cumbersome process. 503 more words



Last month was my birthday and one of my presents was a Fitbit Flex to track my daily activity and sleep patterns. This little tool has been really insightful. 458 more words


To BLE or not to BLE?

Security, Data protection, Privacy, Advertising Standards Authority and iBeacons


For all intents and purposes, iBeacon technology was developed with traceability in mind (ie the ability to track and trace a device), and similar to the way in which text messages inadvertently evolved into a form of monetised communication, beacon technology by default, has the ability to trigger functions on a handset within a specified range, which if abused could be detrimental to the consumer. 944 more words